Delve into the experience of decorating your home in style!

Delve into the experience of decorating your home in style!

Decorating a home

while taking everybody’s likes and dislikes into consideration is indeed a challenge. A foodie, a bibliophile, a gourmet chef, or a clean freak–designing a house for such contrasting personalities can be challenging, and you can do it all while keeping your personal sense of style intact with the overall essence of the decor.

But the question is — how do we translate the style, opinions, and passions of everyone in the family into our interior style? Well, let the experts at Vibrant help you with that.

Connect the Outdoors for the Plantsman

Caressing plants, watering them, and watching them grow gives the utmost joy to this person. Include green spaces and potted plants inside the house and create a supremely relaxing vibe.

All-inclusive Oasis for the Workaholic

With the pandemic persisting, work-from-home has become the new lifestyle. For the workaholic in your home, create a space that reminds them of an oasis. Experts at Vibrant, one of the top interior designers in Chennai, will help you combine functional areas like office and study spaces with recreational ones to bring a sense of relief after the long work hours.

One for the Entertainment Lovers

To do activities together as a family, a well-designed media room with comfortable loungers or a lavishly furnished living room where you can sit and play board games should be designed, never letting the family’s entertainment lovers get bored at home.

Kitchen for the Food Lovers

The food lovers in the family love to spend their time in the kitchen, either preparing the dish or capturing the food for their ‘Gram aesthetics. Hence, the kitchen should be designed to incorporate the timeless trends that can accentuate a simple-looking kitchen into one that is functional and stylish at the same time. The expert designers from Vibrant can suggest the best modular kitchen in Chennai to suit your needs.

For the Reader in the House

This person needs a separate corner to sit and delve into their books. A study corner or a mini library is what we suggest. Books always add an old-world charm to the home interiors. The warmth and cosiness of a mini library or a study area designed by our experts will do justice to your interiors.

For the One who is a Neatnik

We are aware of the endless things that we store in our house, and organizing them might be a task for others, but the neatnik in the house enjoys doing that. The professionals at Vibrant tell you how to decorate a home and suggest designing ample storage areas in the house to embellish the neat vibe every time someone steps in.

For the Fashionista of the house

For the one who is all about fashion and style, a walk-in wardrobe is a great addition to your house. Modular walk-in wardrobes are the latest trend, and trust us, they are here to stay! Take this tip from the top interior designers in Chennai and embellish a soothing vibe to your interiors.

Vibrant is equipped with professionals and experts who are one of the top interior designers in Chennai. We understand your family’s requirements and help you design an abode that is meant for all! To know more, schedule a consultation with our experts today.