For the longest time, wood has been the go-to material for making beds, since it is a strong, durable and versatile material. So furniture makers have experimented with hardwood, softwood and engineered wood, or some combination of these to cater to specific requirements of people. Therefore in this piece, we breakdown the different types of wood, and what could be suitable for the kind of bed you’re going for.

  • Four poster bed

Four poster beds exude luxury in their expansiveness. They can either have engraved headboards or be minimalist with a fabric canopy. One of the commonly used materials for this type of bed is mahogany. Mahogany is a solid wood that can range from medium to dark brown. The wood is highly durable and its density doesn’t shrink over time. 

 You can work with home interior designers, to get a similar look for your bedroom.

  • Two tone finish 

Two tone beds have a rustic charm, and oak is the perfect material to achieve this look. The wood’s grain can be left with its original colour, stained to have a matte or gloss sheen, or painted to have a gradual light to dark composition. This bed, for example, has  a carved headboard, making the most of the material’s malleable properties.

  • Antique bed 

Sheesham/rosewood is typical for antique or vintage beds. Since the material is typically a deep reddish brown, it is not as commonly available as other kinds of wood. Hence you can consult Interior designers in Chennai, on building one or sourcing restored vintage pieces, for a more authentic look. This bed has intricately carved posters and headboard, which lends the room an air of timelessness. 

  • Bunk bed 

This lightweight pinewood bunk bed has a pale finish, which complements other decor in the space. It might not be as durable as other hardwood, but it is suitable for building kids’ beds. Interior decorators in Chennai can help create a fun and safe play area for your kids’ bedroom.

  • Ottoman bed

Ottoman bed is definitely made for cities because of its roomy storage space. You can opt for satinwood for a smooth panelled look. In fact, you can also choose mango wood, which can be finished off with minimal coating for a distressed look.

Choosing the right kind of wood is an important decision,considering that different materials react differently to the environment that they’re placed in, . Chennai interior decorators can craft the right frame and finish for your bed, if you have a particular aesthetic you want to create for your bedroom.