What’s hot in interiors this year 2020?

Last year’s interiors trend has been about ecological sustainability, appreciation of local design culture, and rethinking ‘minimalism’. As Pantone’s 2020 colour of the year is ‘Classic Blue’ because it represents hope for stability and tranquility. So here are some unconventional ideas that will redefine your home interiors in the months to come.

1. Responsibly sourced furniture

responsibly sourced furniture

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Sourcing antique or vintage furniture that are prime for restoration, is sustainable and therefore adds character to your home. The Best Interior Designers in Chennai , are aware of ecologically responsible practices, and also have the know-how to procure artisanal pieces that are also ergonomically friendly.

2. Upcycled art

upcycled art

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Turning old items into art is a creative exercise that is also environmentally friendly. Items like wrought iron, wood, plastic, fabric or just about anything you can think of can be upcycled. Moreover upcycling glass bottles for painting, or to be used as a vase for plants is very common. Therefore USP is, nobody else will have the same decor as you do! Also to accent the space, consider backlighting the piece with LED lights for depth.

3. Transitional minimalism

minimalist furniture

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Though minimalist philosophy is evolving, it doesn’t mean skimping on the ‘feel good’. Greys and other neutrals are going to become popular in 2020, because they offer the perfect canvas to reinvent other home decor throughout the year. For example, if you love art deco style or velvet throw cushions, then minimalism gives the spotlight to your statement piece. So you can consult Home Interior Designers in Chennai to help you create minimalism that feels luxurious.

4. Green immersion

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A significant number of people are opting for large indoor plants and Feng shui decor because the aesthetic creates an environment that is representative of ‘oneness with nature’. Hence the snake plant, in particular, works as an air purifier and can remove about 107 air pollutants. Also you can make the corners more interesting with exposed brick walls or wallpaper.

5. Flexible partitions

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Multifunctional spaces are representative of 2020’s philosophy of conscious living that seeks to do more from less. Hence flexible partition panels are aesthetically pleasing and also allow you to remodel your interiors, according to your convenience. Therefore Home Interior Decorators in Chennai can help you choose the right CNC router cut materials, to go with your home interior needs.

Designing your home is not just about trends, but also about feeling healthy in the space that you inhabit. So only The Best Interior Designers in Chennai can really help you source FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) that are toxin-free, ecologically friendly and look great!