How to save electricity without breaking a sweat

How to save electricity without breaking a sweat

With the temperature in Chennai ranging from hot, hotter, and hottest, it can be brutal year-round. As the mercury rises, so does our use of electricity

This is why it’s important to look for ways to beat the heat responsibly and effectively. Here are our top tips to save electricity at home, cut costs, and also look after our environment. 

Getting ventilation right

Running your AC nonstop adversely affects the environment, as well as your electricity bills. Natural ventilation is always a great choice, in such cases. You can create cross-ventilation by placing two outlets (like a window and door) on opposite sides, thus enabling hot air to flow out while ushering in a cool breeze. 

For better airflow, our expert home interior designers in Chennai recommend light coloured and light weight curtains. They allow for free flow of natural light, yet give the room ample shade throughout the day. 

Upgrade and replace utilities

Some utilities and appliances use more electricity than others. Swap out regular light bulbs with energy-efficient LED ones and CFL lamps. Big-ticket appliances like ACs and refrigerators can become power guzzlers if they are not maintained properly. Replace old appliances for newer, more energy-efficient ones, and consider their energy ratings before purchase. While this may seem slightly steep in the short term, it can significantly reduce your use of electricity in the long run.

Interior decor solutions

The interior decor and style of your home can have an impact on indoor temperature too. Consider adding plants to any room to keep the space cool, while maintaining a fresh and lively vibe. You can also add decorative water features like indoor fountains near open windows for a cooling effect. Light sunshades and drapes are great to block out sunlight, and prevent closed spaces from heating up fast.

More permanent approaches include installing natural stones such as granite, marble, or slate for flooring, experimenting with innovative materials like terracotta on walls and ceilings, and even including a false ceiling for insulation, in order to keep indoor temperatures manageable year-round. 

If you are looking to build your dream home or renovate your current space, why not consult the best interior designers in Chennai? At Vibrant Spaces, we offer expert advice and design solutions to create functional, beautiful homes. Give us a call today to know more!