Find your kitchen’s calling with Kalinga stone

Find your kitchen’s calling with Kalinga stone

Step aside granite and marble, it is now Kalinga stone’s time to shine! Over the last few years, this stone is quickly becoming a staple in South Indian kitchens and giving its competitors a run for their money. What makes it incredibly alluring is how close it is to quartz or marble in its appearance but is exponentially more durable. If this is not reason enough for you to consider a swap, here is one more – this engineered stone comes in a plethora of shades and colours, and can seamlessly fit into any space. We can now say goodbye to the bothersome drilling noises – it is as easy as cut and place!

But how do you select the right stone for your kitchen? Our best interior designers in Chennai have decoded this for you! 

Oozing opulence

If you want a modular kitchen in Chennai to be reminiscent of a Michelin star grade kitchen, then Kalinga Marble is the way to go. With the visual appeal that is evocative of high-end Italian marble, this stone has a higher threshold for force and heat. The resins and binders in this engineered stone make it almost indestructible, so it can handle most types of spills or a little rough handling.  

Fun in functional

However, if you have little children or pets at home, chances are you are looking for an option that effortlessly marries aesthetics and function. Your search ends with Kalinga quartz. It is stronger than most types of other engineered stones and is scratch-resistant. Fun fact, Kalinga stone is naturally antibacterial, so with a simple wipe down of your countertops, you can keep your kitchen safe and sparkling clean.  

Care and maintenance

However, not all that glitters is Kalinga stone. While this stone is stain-resistant, it is not stain-proof. You will need to deep clean your kitchen from time to time to keep it looking sparkling fresh. Additionally, these countertops can’t be cleaned with harsh chemicals. You may need to look for milder alternatives. Some kitchen owners have also reported a mild discolouration when Kalinga Quartz stone is exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time. 

The good news is that with its growing popularity, several conglomerates have a dedicated cleaning line for this stone! You can easily find them online or in your nearest supermarket. Otherwise, you can consult our experts at Vibrant Spaces.  

Beyond the kitchen

With numerous design and colour options in a range of functional dimensions, this material can do more than jazz up kitchen countertops. 

Kalinga stone is also ideal for bathroom counters, walls, flooring, staircases, external building facades, and even furniture like vanities and coffee tables. 

If you’re looking to heighten your home’s design with this stone, we recommend consulting with the best interior designers in Chennai! Our expertise will ensure your vision comes to life. Get in touch with us to know more.