The bright and beautiful Diwali season in India is a period of new beginnings. In this blog, we bring you 5 Diwali decoration ideas to help get your home festive ready without too much fuss.

However, before we put up any decor, we must make room for it.

Make space for prosperity

Clear out clutter and make room for the things that make you happy. Discard anything in your home that hasn’t been used in over a year. This includes clothes, accessories, gadgets and appliances that either don’t fit you or don’t work. Instead, consider spreading the festive spirit by donating these items to the needy. 

Now, it’s time for fun!

#1. Create a grand entry

Most Indian homes install floral streamers during Diwali, but they wither within a few days, and end up looking dull. Instead, opt for metal or fabric-based streamers that can easily be cleaned or washed to ensure your front door looks spiffy all year around. To add a magical sparkle to your Diwali celebrations, simply string fairy lights alongside the streamer. You can also hang small bells and wind chimes for a whimsical vibe.

#2. Let everyone have a seat

Diwali is a time of parties as well as poojas. Whether it’s your next-door neighbour popping in for a few minutes or your in-laws staying for a few days, make sure everyone has a seat to get comfy. If space is a constraint, then opt for nifty little ottomans, pouffes and floor cushions that can be easily tucked away when not in use.

#3. Light it up

What is a festival of lights without beautiful, ethereal lighting? Just keep in mind that the lights you choose will influence the aesthetics of your space. For a traditional look, opt for antique pedestal lamps and diyas. On the other hand, scented candles, electric tea lights and LED string lights create a festive vibe while still maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.

#4. Keep it fresh

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

While they aren’t great for streamers, no list of Diwali decoration ideas is complete without flowers. Sometimes all you need is a bouquet of flowers to liven up your space. Urli bowls and fragrant potpourri are perfectly simple ways to incorporate a subtle floral touch to your home interiors. You can also incorporate flowers in the rangoli.

#5. Add an Indian Touch

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Diwali calls for a few quintessentially Indian elements. You cannot go wrong with brass antiques, painted clay diyas, terracotta decor and laughing buddha statues. Rangoli stickers are another quick and easy way to bring a touch of tradition.

That’s it! Those are our top 5 fuss-free Diwali decoration ideas. Here’s to a safe and fun-filled festive season!

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