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Designing a home office has become a reality in these pandemic situation. Remote working is the new buzzword in corporate organizations. With a global pandemic wreaking havoc on office attendance, working from home has become a reality for many. While a makeshift workspace may have worked initially, as the days have turned into weeks and months, a stable workstation is imperative to improve productivity. This means it is time to design a home office! 

Home Office Design: Five big mistakes to avoid:

The Anytime, Anywhere Office Spot 

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The biggest perk of working from home is the flexibility. Yet, that doesn’t mean working from anywhere. Choosing the family room, or the dining table as your preferred work space is a recipe for disaster. A busy space like that is not only teeming with distractions, it is also tempting fate by putting food near important documents or wires across a space where someone could easily trip. It is best to have a quiet, dedicated area earmarked as your home office. 

The Plug-Ins Mistake

Another error people make while setting up workstations is to choose a spot that does not support enough electrical plug-ins. When designing a home office, ensure you have enough sockets to support your laptop or desktop, mobile phone, printer, and any other devices you may need. If your layout isn’t conducive to that, invest in a sleek electrical extension box. 

Overlooked Lighting for Workplace

lighting ideas for your home office

A dimly-lit workspace is not just terrible for your eyes, but it could also hamper productivity. Find a spot that is close to the window, but don’t position yourself right against or opposite to it, so as to avoid any glare. If natural lighting isn’t an option, install overhead fixtures, desk lamps or floor lamps to improve illumination. 

The Cramped Space Error

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Most home offices are simply a well-placed desk. This means clutter – a lot of it. A cluttered desk can lead to misplaced files, poor concentration, and too much time spent on locating things. Storage is the obvious solution to this problem. Find a good, compact unit that nests into your desk or fits well with your existing setup. 

The Wrong Chair

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A classic, rookie mistake is to pick the wrong chair for your workspace. Just any chair will not do. Therefore you need to find a chair that is comfortable enough for you to sit on for hours at end, supports your posture, and fits your work style. It doesn’t have to be a boring office chair. Spend some time exploring and finding one that fits your needs as well as your style! 

Get Working!

A good home office can improve your productivity by leaps and bounds. However, a home workspace doesn’t have to be lifeless to be efficient. The best interior designers in Chennai design offices that blend well with the aesthetics of your interiors while being functional. Instead of treating a home office as an afterthought, make it an active part of your house design. 

What is an absolute must in your home office? Tell us in the comments below!