Why Onyx is the New Marble?

For decades, marble has been the most popular stone on the block for lavish home décor. Every palatial house had an abundance of marble additions and artefacts. However, nowadays there is a new contender in the world of home interiors – onyx. Because of its exquisite patterns and versatility, onyx marble designs are outshining marble’s status. Also they have become the preferred choice for a luxury home.

Here’s why we believe this is happening:

The Shades and the Swirls

onyx marble designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Onyx is an exquisite stone that comes in a rich palette of beautiful colours. While marble also gives you a variety of shades, onyx marble designs have more trendy options, from jade and mint, to pastel pinks and tangerine. Every onyx stone has unique veins that swirl about in patterns, making it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops.

Lack of Opacity

onyx marble flooring designs for living room

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Onyx is more translucent than marble. When light hits an onyx slab, the exquisite veins stand out more clearly. It is also perfect for adding aesthetic touches to your house like backlit verticals in the kitchen, or even glowing floors! Onyx lets you get creative!

Onyx is Versatile

When compared to marble, onyx is a softer and lighter stone. This quality of onyx lends itself well to a variety of applications, from grid-patterned walls to sinks, lamps, and vanity-top installations. Hence for sturdier applications like kitchen countertops, onyx can be toughened with fiberglass backing, or resin addition.

Compatible with Other Décor

Apart from being an eye-catcher on its own, onyx blends well with a range of other frequently-used materials in the house, including wood, steel, and glass. Gold-tinted or honey onyx can complement the brown hues of wooden floors and doors. Also luscious pastels can bring a pop of color to steeled spaces.

Add Dramatic Effect With Onyx Marble

Marble exudes coolness and composure in a home environment. For people who like to make a bold statement with their interiors, onyx marble designs can be used to create dramatic effects. Given that onyx is more malleable than marble, it can be crafted into any shape to add glamour to your decor. For instance, a sturdy coffee table or even a pillar in black onyx, with contrasting white or gold veins, can seem like a work of art!

Therefore if you’re looking to unleash your creativity and add an artistic touch to a chic, contemporary home, onyx is the material for you. Thanks to the above mentioned features, it is quickly rising as the go-to material amongst the top interior decorators in Chennai.

Let us know what your pick is in the comments below – traditional marble or the elegant onyx.