Modular kitchen in Chennai
Modular kitchen in Chennai

Food is the language of love across cultures. Therefore, a kitchen is integral in every home. Having the right kitchen setup makes for an easy cooking experience and if you are considering a modular kitchen renovation in Chennai (or anywhere else for that matter), here’s a guide to an effortless remodelling experience. 

  • Plan every aspect of the project

The way you use your kitchen determines which style of the modular kitchen would suit your space. Are you one to stock up on every spice and condiment in the market? Do you like traditional silhouettes or a contemporary space? Also, keep your budget in mind. A modular kitchen renovation in Chennai shouldn’t end up breaking the bank. Need an expert to help you get started with planning, don’t fret! Schedule a free consultation with our expert designer to figure out your requirements.

  • Time to destroy!

Modular kitchen in Chennai

As fun it sounds, demolishing your existing kitchen is a little bit more nuanced than pulling down your cabinetry! Vibrant’s team of certified professionals ensure zero damage to the foundation and can even handle the plumbing carefully. We could even help you reduce costs by reusing material in your space.

  • Get plumbing

Once your kitchen is stripped bare, start with the pipes. This is an easy task if you are just looking to replace the utilities, pipes and appliances. However, your new kitchen could need some rerouting of water supply and drain lines to new locations. For instance, if you are moving a sink to a kitchen island, then it’s a tricky job. With Vibrant, an experienced plumber and site inspectors can handle such tasks with the care and attention this step deserves.

  • Power up the place

Once the pipes are in place, it’s time to power up. Once again, this can be as simple as replacing old fixtures and sockets with new ones. However, the right lighting setup can completely transform the way we perceive the space. Also, with plenty of smart lighting options and gadgets available in today’s market, it would be a shame to not experiment. Our Vibrant team can liven up the space with chic under-cabinet lighting, motion-sensor pendant lights, or colour-changing or dimmable wall sconces. Of-course, for kitchen renovations in Chennai, our in-house electricians will also create a wiring plan according to local guidelines and your consumption so your kitchen can easily power all your appliances. 

  • Install Drywall

Drywall might not be as common in India as it is in the West but it is best to use it if you are going for design features such as wall mouldings or cladding. If so, they should be installed right after the electrical work is completed. 

  • Lay the ground

Once plumbing and electrical are in place, it’s time to work on the flooring. You should tackle this before you start painting, as pulling out floors can damage walls. 

Since kitchens are prone to spills, it’s best to choose an anti-skid flooring option. If you have toddlers, you can also choose from anti-fungal and anti-bacterial options. Our Vibrant designer can help you narrow down your options and make the right choice that suits your needs and style. You can also check out our blog post on flooring options, if you’d like to research beforehand.

  • Install the Cabinets, Counters and Countertops

It’s finally time to install the cabinetry.  At this stage, you can see your vision taking shape. Cabinets – either off the shelf or custom-made – should be installed first, followed by the counter and countertops. Choose between deep, layered drawers or box shelves. Consider whether you like your spices displayed on a floating shelf or if you want a dedicated pull-out spice rack. Talk to a Vibrant designer and figure out the best combination of drawers and cabinets that would suit your kitchen needs.

  • Choose the Backsplash 

A backsplash protects the walls behind your counters and is a great way to make a statement in your kitchen. From ceramics and porcelain to onyx, there are endless possibilities for customisation. Just keep your style in mind while making a choice. A backsplash is best installed after the countertops are laid, especially if it isn’t the same as the countertops. When we undertake kitchen renovation in Chennai, we also have our in-house electrician install the plug points over the backsplash at this stage.

  • Add the Hues

You’re finally nearing project completion!  It’s time to bring in a touch of colour by painting the walls (and ceiling if needed). The Indian market has a huge variety of paint finishes such as acrylic, emulsion, textured, metallic, etc. Our designers can help you choose a colour that complements your cabinetry and the desired aesthetic. Our team also ensures that the space is properly prepped to ensure there aren’t any rogue paint splatters.

  • Fit the Hardware 

Modular kitchen in Chennai

One final step to the kitchen of your dreams: the appliances and hardware! The right hardware such as brackets and knobs can elevate your kitchen. For instance, geometric knobs are perfect for a modern kitchen while ornamental ones fit right into a traditional space.

Et voila! Your dream kitchen is now complete! However, the Vibrant team takes everything one step further. Now that the kitchen is completed, it’s time to check and double check every tiny detail to ensure nothing is amiss. That’s why if you’ve got Vibrant working on your modular kitchen renovation in Chennai, you can be assured that our experts will ensure the best space, with no compromises!

Now all that’s left to do is whip up a celebratory meal in your new kitchen! Bon appétit!