Top 7 home remodel ideas to make your post-lockdown life comfortable

Home is our safe haven. Historically, it was designed to provide shelter against the elements and wild animals, and act as a fortress against enemies. Today, it is a place we can socially isolate ourselves. As the world adapts to spending more time indoors, we need home remodel ideas that’ll not only transform homes into a makeshift office, gym or school, but also a safe and hassle-free place to live.

The comeback of foyers

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Dirt, grime and germs are everywhere in today’s world. Therefore, having a foyer or entryway that separates the main living area from the outside world is absolutely necessary. It’s also a dedicated space for our shoes and bags which might be carriers of germs. A small sanitization station in the foyer can help avoid inviting unwanted microbial guests inside our home.

Goodbye open-plan homes

Be honest, how many of our meetings are punctuated with someone’s mixer whirring or TV blaring in the background? In an open-plan home, working in the living room is almost impossible when a sibling or child is loudly whisking up dalgona coffee in the kitchen. As working from home becomes the norm, it makes sense to revert back to closed, segmented home layouts that offer maximum privacy.

Home Remodeling Ideas for Quality Indoors

This lockdown has brought a sharp focus on our overall health and well-being. Therefore, home remodel ideas pivot towards improving the quality of our interiors. People expect home designs that guarantee maximum natural light and ventilation. Additionally, non-toxic, VOC-free wall paints, papers, and decals will also be a staple in every home.

Safe access to the outdoors

With the pandemic spreading like wildfire, we will need safe places to enjoy fresh air and soak up some much needed Vitamin D. Homes with open areas like balconies, lawns, backyards will be the rage. We can even expect the return of bespoke, traditional South Indian courtyards.

Zen gardens

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Outdoor spaces are not just great for ventilation, it is also the perfect place to exercise our green thumbs. As the days blend into each other, tending to a small garden in the balcony shall be the way to keep stress at bay. From money plants to thriving herb gardens, or easy-to-grow veggies like potatoes, every home shall feature a splendid vertical garden.

Easy to clean

To be completely germ-free, every surface in the house has to be frequently cleaned. Our home remodeling ideas need to make this process simpler. Furniture with simple geometric shapes and patterns shall trump ornate detailing as these tend to have nooks and crannies that collect dust and grime over time. Likewise, most post-lockdown interiors will incorporate easy-to-clean materials like microfibre upholstery and faux leather seating.

Reconfigurable Spaces

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The lockdown also showed interior decorators in Chennai the need for easily reconfigurable spaces. With the onset of multi-purpose furniture, we can reshape the unused rooms or corners in our homes into an office, a reading nook, and more. Check out our blog on smart furniture in Indian homes.

With such a massive shift in our lifestyle, these trends are just the tip of the iceberg. Watch this space to keep up with ever-transient design trends.