The Ultimate Guide to Home Maintenance During the Monsoon

The rainy season is upon us and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. However, as the welcome relief from summer wears off, you need to ask if your home is as thrilled about the arrival of the monsoon? Are your walls plagued with mold, and your rooms crawling with insects?

With our ultimate home maintenance guide to keeping a clean and dry home during the monsoon season, there’s no raining on your parade!

Watch out for damp walls

damp walls during rainy season

Prevention is better than cure, and this is definitely the case when it comes to moldy walls. Air out your home regularly to let damp air out and avoid mustiness. For extra protection from the elements, opt for silicone-based paints for indoor walls and a waterproof coating on exterior walls. Consult interior designers in Chennai to find the best option for your home. Loose or blocked pipes and drains are another cause of water damage, along with cracked walls. Make sure to check these regularly and cover any cracks with sealant, putty or grout before the rain rolls in.

If you already see wet patches on the walls, all hope is not lost. Ceiling, wall, or corner patches indicate a drainage block in the area, and patches starting from the floor indicate faulty plumbing below. If your wall is simply damp with no discernable source, excess moisture build-up is your culprit and ventilation is the answer.

Wave goodbye to mold and fungus!

If you notice black growth on your walls, bubbling paint, a musty smell, or sudden allergies, it’s time to take a long, hard look at your home. The humidity has invited mold, and possibly its more toxic cousin, fungus. It’s time to get these uninvited guests out by calling a professional, but in the meantime you can use bleach to remove mildew from walls, tiles, shower curtains, etc.

black mold during rainy season

To get ahead of the problem, repair leaks in the kitchen and bathrooms and install exhaust fans in bathrooms for proper ventilation. Ventilation can also be ensured in other parts of the house by leaving a small space for airflow between furniture and your walls, and opening all windows for a few hours daily. Some good old organisation hacks and also home maintenance tips help get rid of clutter for better ventilation throughout your home.

Home Maintenance of electricals and wood

Water and electricity are a volatile mix. Make sure you have an electrician check for any problem areas in the house and prevent painful shocks, short circuits, and inconvenient power outages. Always keep electrical tape on hand to cover loose wires or open switch boards with the main switch off.

While wood adds a certain charm to your home, it is also susceptible to damage. Wooden doors often retain moisture and swell up, causing annoyances during the monsoon season. A simple coating of varnish before the problem begins and you’re all set! If you’re already struggling to force these doors to open and close, it’s time to sandpaper them.

Send insects packing

Nobody likes an insect infestation and monsoon seems to bring swarms of them. While the warm, humid weather is their idea of a tropical vacation, you can keep them from overtaking your home. Avoid leaving open vessels of water lying around as they make the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Keep a mosquito repellent on hand to get rid of them if they do arrive. Enjoy ventilation with none of the annoying swatting by installing mosquito nets in your windows.

insect colonies during rain

Termites are a little more tricky, so take all preventive measures to protect your furniture. Treat wooden furniture with anti-termite solutions such as a borax powder and water spray, or an orange or neem oil coating. Invest in wood polish and apply it on your furniture. If the pesky critters arrive despite your best efforts, call a professional.

Proper food and clothing storage

Have you ever reached for a pack of biscuits ready for that satisfying snap, only to be met with a rather disappointing soggy bite? Store biscuits and chips in a dry container with tissue paper to absorb excess moisture. Airtight containers are your best friend for salt and sugar storage to prevent clumping up or melting, and grains and flours should be sun dried before storing. Protect your rice from insects by placing camphor pouches in the jar.

Clothing must always be thoroughly dried before folding to store, which may take longer during the monsoon months. Patience is a virtue, and you will be rewarded with fresh-smelling, non-musty clothes when you reach for an outfit. Store them with silica gel pouches or naphthalene balls to keep insects at bay.

When it comes to shoes, place rolls of old newspaper in them to absorb moisture, and avoid storing in closed cabinets. The best interior designers in Chennai have some creative storage solutions to make your shoes last.

Go on and delight in a stress-free monsoon season, armed with our home maintenance tips to keep your home in tip-top shape! Are there any tips you swear by to protect your home during the rainy months? Let us know in the comments.