The Best Ways to Decorate a Small House

The Best Ways to Decorate a Small House

As minimalist lifestyles are taking off across the world, small homes are becoming increasingly common. Interior design for smaller homes may seem like a challenging task, but with an eye for the right things, even small spaces can look cute and stylish. We at Vibrant, one of the top home interior designers in Chennai, have some excellent tips for you on what you can do with your not-so-big apartment to boost the oomph factor:

  • Get Crafty with Storage

The biggest challenge with limited space in a house is that it could get cluttered. Best way to tackle that? Get innovative with storage solutions. Invest in beds with pull-out drawers, box seating that can open up for your books and bedding, and a modular loft.

  • Use Vertical Spaces

Even if there isn’t much horizontal room to work with, you still have walls! Use them wisely for both utility and aesthetics. Add a classy floating shelf or install racks in the kitchen. Using mirrors for décor can create the illusion of more space.

  • Create Divisions

Wood dividers or sheer curtains can be an excellent way to divide and conquer your small space. They are useful in separate areas, such as your living and dining room. You can also place these curtains or dividers at the edges of the room to elevate the look of your home. Elegant sliding doors that are typical in small Japanese homes are another option.

  • Incorporate Mirrors

If you have an empty wall in your home, add some mirrors to make the room look bigger. Mirrors reflect light and can help create height or depth. For best results, choose mirrors that go ceiling-to-floor and have a source of light nearby. 

  • Use the Nooks

People often tend to neglect the room corners when it comes to home interiors. Still, when used creatively, they can elevate the ambiance. For example, adding corner shelves for showpieces or plants at the edge of a room can liven up the space.

Bonus tip:

Be sure to choose the right colour for your walls. Light colours make a room look larger, while dark colours can make it look cramped. Be picky with the colours of your cabinets and furniture too!


There are no rules set in stone when it comes to decorating a home. Interior design should reflect your style while making the best use of the space available. Be intuitive and follow these tips for a beautifully-designed space. If you need some help, ask one of the top interior designers in Chennai. Vibrant can help design your home to suit your preferences.