Say goodbye to boring cabinets

Say goodbye to boring cabinets

Unforgettable memories start with good food, and good food starts with a divine kitchen! While quality cabinets are the lifeblood of a kitchen, if you get them wrong, they can quickly become the bane of your home. Don’t fret; our experts have compiled these kitchen cabinets ideas that will serve as a springboard for your kitchen remodel. Read on to know more.

Base kitchen cabinets

Base cabinets largely set the tone for your kitchen’s design, and are installed directly on the floor, below the countertop. They are incredibly versatile and can accommodate almost any utensil, built-in drawers, or organisational tools for a fully functional kitchen. With careful planning, they can also have appliances integrated into them.

If you prefer a minimalist kitchen with plenty of wall space, you can do away with other wall cabinets altogether, and retain only base cabinets. For a fully loaded kitchen, on the other hand, read on as we explore other types of cabinets you can incorporate into your space.

Wall kitchen cabinets

Wall kitchen cabinets are multi-faceted. They are mounted to the wall and are usually two shelves high. While base cabinets often take the spotlight, wall-mounted cabinets are more decorative and hold aesthetic value in your kitchen.

This type of storage is ideal for items that are not used frequently, or crockery you want on display. If you are using wall cabinets right above the stovetop, be sure to select an oil-proof material that can be cleaned easily. With multiple finishes to choose from, ranging from solid wood to frosted glass, don’t be afraid to go bold!

Tall kitchen cabinets

If you have a lot of bulk food products or large appliances to stow away, and no more wall or floor space to use, you can take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen by installing tall cabinets. These types of cabinets can seamlessly transition from being stand-alone storage (like a pantry) to being a part of an ensemble that complements your kitchen electronics or other cabinetry. 

They not only provide for space utilization, but are also a great way to introduce color in your kitchen. Our home interior designers in Chennai can help you navigate through different kitchen cabinet ideas and designs to find one that fits your decor!

While each of these types of cabinets has an important function, to maximise your storage, we recommend you use all of them together! Want a futuristic modular kitchen in your home? Schedule a consultation with us today.