Quirky Tile Shapes To Give Your Home an Aesthetic Boost

Quirky Tile Shapes To Give Your Home an Aesthetic Boost

Tiles are a versatile addition that can elevate the aesthetics of a space in a jiffy. Whether you’re using them in your bathroom or kitchen backsplash, there’s no need to stick to squares and rectangles. There are a plethora of trendy tile shapes out there that can add a quirky charm to your home. Vibrant Spaces, one of the best interior designers in Chennai, brings to you six unique tile shapes that you can add to your home.

1. Hexagonal Tiles

horizontal tiles for kitchen backsplash

Hexagonal tiles were all the rage during the 1900s, and they’re making a comeback. These geometric tiles offer a clean aesthetic to your space. They come in various colours and textures, and can be installed as fixed or random patterns, giving you a range of options. Hexagon tiles are versatile enough to be included in any part of your home – use them in your bathroom, kitchen backsplash or even in your dining area to create fun honeycomb visuals.

2. Picket Tiles

picket tiles for kitchen backsplash

Image: Tile Giant

Large picket tiles are a contemporary addition to the world of tiles. These geometric tiles look great as both floor and wall tiles. You can choose the material and finish. Their sleek and unique design make them great additions to your living, dining and kitchen. You’ve struck gold with them, if you’re on the lookout for accent wall ideas!

3. 3D Tiles

3D tiles for accent wall cladding

Why stick to commonplace flat tiles when you can have 3D tiles with textures? They come in a range of shapes, from squares and rectangles to even hexagons. They often have a porcelain finish, making them the perfect addition to an accent wall or the dry area in a bathroom. However, they may be a little difficult to clean, so try to avoid them in kitchens and wash areas.

4. Fish Scales

fish scale tiles for bathroom walls

The fish scale pattern is an ancient tile design made popular in the 1800s and 1900s. Today, it makes for an exotic addition in your home. The overlapping pattern creates a sense of elegant motion, appearing like fish scales in water. It is definitely a whimsical tile shape that can be used on bathroom walls to accentuate the interiors.

5. Penny Tiles

penny tiles for bathroom floors

Penny tiles are small circular tiles that are fast growing in popularity today. During the early 20th century, they largely made appearances on bathroom walls in black and white hues. Penny tiles are a great choice for curved walls. They’re slip-resistant and graphic. You can include them on bathroom floors or in accented areas of your home.

6. Star and Cross Tiles

star and cross tiles for your home interiors

Image: Fired Earth

These Moroccan inspired tiles and one of the prettiest tile shapes out there. They usually pair in two different colours, perhaps from the same family, making for a fun and vibrant home. They’re ideal for accent walls, balconies, and even indoor-outdoor spaces. Check with your interior designer in Chennai for the perfect way to incorporate these quirky tiles in your home.

Final Word

If you want to jazz up your home with a single trick, then choosing fun tile patterns can be the way to go! Let Vibrant Spaces, one of the best interior designers in Chennai, help you pick the right tile patterns to add some panache to your home!