5 ways to design a console table

Console table is an adaptable piece of furniture offers endless styling options for your home. This  comes in a variety of materials – wood, thermoplastic and metal. You can go in for one of these, or a combination of the above, so it fits the purpose and your design sensibilities. Here are some ideas that have caught our eye.

1. Grand Entry

Image Source: Pinterest

This has got to be the loudest, yet the most charming entryway we have seen in contemporary design. The red chest table is the perfect platform to create a quirky setting with everything this homeowner appears to love – pretty sunflowers, books, dogs and a dreamy blue door.

Why this works: Personal touch and complementary colours

2. The TV’s Companion

console table for TV

Image Source: Pinterest

Wall mounted television sets often leave a negative space on the wall below. The visual composition can be balanced by having a console table in that area. Seeing as these tables are narrow in depth, they don’t occupy much floor space. The space underneath can be used to store ottomans or pouffes, which can be pulled out on days you’re expecting company.
Why this works: Space management

3. Dandy Handy

Image Source: Pinterest

This piece puts a spin on the usual, in being a ‘party in the front, business in the back’ console table.Therefore open floor plans can especially benefit from this design – because the cutlery can be tucked away at the back, and also the stools can be placed on the other side to create a seating area.
Why this works: Pure functionality

4. Duty Calls

Image Source: Pinterest

This table is made for the weekend artist. With an easel displaying your work-in-progress, we can see you painting away your Sunday afternoons.  Therefore If you want something similar for your study, you can approach home interior designers in Chennai to customise a work desk for you.

Why this works: Displaying your work boosts creativity and inspiration

5. For You, And No One Else

Image Source: Pinterest

Your personal space is an extension of who you are, and this console table is just the right combination of utility and style. Thus you can jazz up the space into a vanity corner, or a cosy space to come back to after a long day.
Why this works: Everyone loves and needs a personal space

Console tables are versatile, owing to their functionality. What’s more, they are an absolute aesthetic delight for any kind of home!