Home in Focus: Behind The Scenes

Home in Focus: Behind The Scenes

Sometimes, a single apartment can’t do justice to the home you’ve imagined. Often, builders will combine two separate apartments into a single one upon request, but this can become a messy affair if not done right. Yet, you have little to worry about when you’ve got the best home interior designers in Chennai bringing your vision to fruition.

That’s exactly what Vibrant did for this family of six, who combined two separate 2BHKs into a single unit.

The Master Plan

The first point of action was to bring in symmetry into the home by combining two disparate floor plans into one. Vibrant’s team of talented designers went to task, using wooden paneling to conceal beam projections, disordered edges, wires, and patch work. 

From false ceilings to wall panels, woodwork seamlessly interlaced the spaces into one continuous unit. It’s safe to say that wood is the hero material of this home. Look at how classy the living room looks with its solid brown doors and intricate Chettinad detailing!

The Devil is in the Details

Once the beams and obtrusive wiring were taken care of, the team went about executing the family’s vision for a beautiful home that combined aesthetics with functionality. Every material in the house has been picked out with great care. For instance, in the common area, the shoe rack has been elevated with solid wooden legs to prevent damages. A minimal laminated finish with concealed handles seals the look.

Within the home itself, a number of materials come together for an earthy feel. The foyer’s stone-cladded wall adds a rustic look, while wooden cabinets are beautifully functional to optimize storage. Mirrors add visual appeal as well as fulfill vaastu requirements.

The living room combines wood with bronze fittings and veneer. Do you notice the butterflies fluttering down from the ceiling to the wall? “It’s to add design flow continuity and a touch of pizazz to the home”, says Sindhu, the Chief Architect in this project. The living and dining areas have been separated with a classic jaali divider, which also adds to the visual play.

Let’s Go Inside

The kitchen has been designed with utility in mind. All appliances fit compactly into the space, and flap shutters make for storage units.

Each of the bedrooms are a breakaway from the central theme of the house. Bold patterns, colours, decorative profiles and metal strips make them eclectic. The study doubles as a kid’s playroom, with plenty of hidden storage and jazzy hues.

Finally, the traditional pooja room completes the home, with its Gopuram and classic design, just like the family requested.

The Complete Home

A home’s décor should reflect the people who live in it. That’s the idea that Vibrant’s designers carry with them when designing spaces. From décor to furniture, the architects and bespoke furniture designers in Chennai from Vibrant will craft you the home of your dreams.