Your home is an extension of your personality. The design aesthetic you choose, whether minimalist, bohemian, artistic, or traditional, speaks volumes about you. The colours you choose, therefore, are vital to the success of the mood you want to create. While neutral colour palettes fit into most modern interior designs, they have earned a bad reputation among some interior designers in Chennai for being “boring”, “safe”, or “builder grade”. We’re here to prove that neutral shades are far from that!

  • Neutral Beyond White and Beige 

    Many first-time home decorators assume that there’s a singular way to go when it comes to neutral colours – white or beige. In reality, neutral colours are simply shades that do not feature on the colour wheel. These can range from earthy tones like pale browns, taupe and tan to cool greys, silver or warm ivory. Some neutrals come with undertones of peach, pink and even gold! 

  • Neutral Complements All Materials

    The magic of modern interior design is in blending different components. Your wall colours need to complement furnishings, countertops and other fittings in your house. For example, while bright blue can make a bold statement, gold fittings can seem jarring against it. Neutral shades, on the other hand, blend seamlessly with wood, steel, brick, stone or glass and help you assert your style with other objects in the house. Think of a neutral palette as your canvas – you begin with understated notes for a base and then add complexity to your interior design with other hues and elements. 

  • They Highlight Textures

    Colour is not the only way to elevate a space. Textural elements in a room are often discounted when decorating. A warm tan can accentuate a velvet or even a corduroy couch. Layered textiles and roughed-up wooden furnishings can add just as much character. Neutral colors give you plenty of room to experiment with other elements of design.

  • Neutral Can Never Go Out of Style

    Candy pink walls can sound appealing for a 12-year-old’s room, but will they really want it at 13? Neutral is classic and will never go out of style. With neutral shades, you can incorporate different trends, shades and prints whenever you like, changing up the mood without throwing the entire décor off balance. It is the most versatile color scheme you can opt for.

        Quick Tips on How to Incorporate Neutral with Panache 

  1. Use neutral colours from the same family as the other colours in your palette to avoid clashing shades.
  2. If you have your mind set on certain dominant colours in your space, work backwards. Decide on accentuating colours first and then pick out a neutral palette that will complement them. 
  3. Choose clashing neutral shades to add visual complexity – like white and taupe for different shelves in an open case or another area you want noticed. 
  4. Alternatively, use tone-on-tone shades for spaces you want to be subtle about, like your shoe-rack. 
  5. If you have a neutral shade with undertones, use that to choose an accent for your décor. 

Still having trouble picking the right colour scheme for your home? Comment your questions down below.