The living room is the first thing anyone who enters your home is going to see. With the emergence of maximalism and the trend of bold and warm colours, it’s a great time to make your living room an even more wonderful and welcoming place. Elevating a space doesn’t have to be an arduous or complicated task. You can elevate this gateway to the rest of your home with simple yet effective changes.


Importance of Natural Light in Elevating Your Living Room

Let there be light: Sunlight is always a win. Opening up your windows or creating a space that is well lit is always going to put people at ease and make them feel welcome in any space. Sunlight is also a great way to brighten up spaces without worrying about colour schemes or patterns.


Controlled Contrast: Adding Color and Pattern to Your Living Room

Controlled contrast: Add some colour to your space with a lovely patterned wallpaper, accent wall or trendy furniture. The maximalism trend has brought colour back and with it comes your chance to make your space fun, calming, and comfortable all at once. A simple addition of a fluffy and colourful cushion can change your plain white couch into a fun and exciting piece of furniture. 


Adding Greenery to Your Living Room: Tips for Bringing Nature Indoors



Nurture nature: Adding some greenery to any space is a wonderful way to add some colour and life to it. The living room is a great place to add your plants. Whether they’re hanging plants or small little succulents, green is always good.


Making these small changes can definitely help your living room become a place you want to spend time in and unwind.

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