As homeowners begin to understand that their living spaces are about more than just decorating it according to a specific theme, interior designers have begun to extend their boundaries, incorporating the latest global trends into their work.

Luxury interior designers in Chennai have begun to take inspiration from their counterparts around the world to make their work stand out while making clients’ homes reflect unique aesthetic motifs.

Socially Sophisticated

As far as the latest trends in designs go, luxury interior designers in Chennai are working towards designing projects geared towards bringing people together.

These projects mix colours, textures and lighting to create moods that encourage a more social setting, while staying polished enough to make an individual’s home stand out.

Blending minimalistic elements with a touch of colour and playfulness, here are a few luxury interior design trends that have allowed luxury interior designers in Chennai to make their mark in an extremely competitive space.

Sculptural Pendant Lighting: Using oblong shapes for lighting up living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms is on the rise, adding a subtle layer of distinction to living spaces while maintaining functionality.

Pendant lights using subtler shades of white, for example, can help create relaxed, laid-back spaces that encourage comfort and sociability through targeted lighting.

With many homes having the space for such designs, creating lighting based on available natural light and balancing it out with such elements can truly make them stand out from more conventional designs.

Golden Colour Motifs: Adding a bit of flair to minimalistic concepts, using a touch of gold on decorative pieces as well as furniture adds a touch of subtlety to design motifs in luxury designs.

Golden hues can be versatile as well, blending with other colours to create aesthetic concepts that feel relaxed yet premium – allowing for layered styles that can make a home feel warm and welcoming.

White Lamps: While pendant lamps can utilise colour to set a relaxed mood, white lamps go the other way by removing colour out of the equation in order to focus on shapes.

Working as practical lighting solutions that allow the eye to perceive a space in its entirety, they also act as decorative pieces that can bring a layer of style to any room they are placed in.

What’s more, white lights bring an unfiltered, even style that can work very well with a number of luxury design concepts.

Decorative Storage Boxes: For designs that seek to manage clutter efficiently while adding a bit of personality to the space, decorative storage boxes are the way to go.

With a variety of shapes and colours to play with, they are a great way to liven up a room while remaining true to the overall design aesthetic, making them a very versatile addition to most interior design concepts.

Tying into minimalistic principles, they are able to make spaces feel relaxed, welcoming and most importantly free of clutter.

Curved Cabinets: A viable alternative to decorative storage boxes, curved cabinets not only offer up more storage space, but can be useful for a viriety of situations.

With organic shapes opening up pathways to a variety of creative designs, the extra storage space can either manage clutter for a relaxed vibe, or be used to set up unique additions such as a live bar, for example.

This versatility makes curved cabinets a noteworthy option for luxury interior designers in Chennai to execute truly innovative design solutions for residential living spaces.

Blending Style With Substance

With so many options at their disposal, luxury interior designers in Chennai are creating design ideas that aim to make one’s living space stand out, while also serving to make their lives at home more comfortable – and social.

With decorative and functional ideas that blend the many elements of interior design, it is a great time to be an interior designer – and an even better one to be a homeowner!