Confessions of a space-aholic!

Confessions of a space-aholic!

Living in 2021 but your storage ideas are still from the 90’s? It is time for an upgrade with these futuristic and cutting edge wardrobe storage ideas. Our Vibrant experts have gathered the best ways to ensure you maximise your storage without putting a big dent in your wallet. If you have been looking for a sign to transform your wardrobe, this is it!

Storage problems and how to solve them 

The highest shelf in most wardrobes can be hard to reach, and these areas are often a melting pot of knick knacks and miscellaneous items. But our modular wardrobe designers in Chennai have just the solutions for you. If you are looking for a birds eye view of your wardrobe, you can consider installing a pull-down rail that gives you a cascading view of your outfit choices. 

If you have different fabrics that need various levels of care or attention, why not opt for a hybrid wardrobe instead? Section off your wardrobe based on the purpose/category, such as ‘sarees’ or ‘date-night outfits’. It doesn’t just ensure your clothes are wrinkle-free, but it is also a great way to maximise closet space . 

Lack of space in your wardrobe

If you ever feel like your wardrobe doesn’t have enough space – it is time to reorganise! Before you start binge watching Marie Kondo (for research purposes of course), there are a few basics you can try. You can consider installing partitioned drawers with dedicated sections for your accessories and jewellery.

For the bigger items on the other hand, you could consider cute wicker baskets, or boxes to keep portions of your wardrobe sectioned off. It also is a great way to infuse a rustic and aesthetic appeal.

Sometimes the answer is freestanding

Try as hard as you might, sometimes your closet space just doesn’t cut it! Which is why you will have to turn to tried and tested external storage options that are high on style and low on cost. These types of storage solutions can also be moved around the room, to allow for more space to walk around! 

On the other hand, you can install hanging canvas pockets behind your bedroom door to stow away knick knacks or footwear. If you are looking for ways to bring all these elements together, schedule a consultation with the best interior designers in Chennai today! 

Make space for vanity

No wardrobe is complete without a mirror for those last minute outfit checks! But the good news is that not every mirror needs to take up space. Our modular wardrobes come complete with foldable mirrors that you can pull out on demand. 

If planned right, you can also install a foldable ironing board in your wardrobe so you can flaunt your best outfits – wrinkle free! If you are looking for a complete closet overhaul, give your home superior wardrobe technology with your very own Vibrant modular cupboards.