Any Indian home is incomplete without a space for prayer. With over 50 deities in the Godscape, there is no dearth of designs for home mandirs or pooja rooms. Even agnostics and atheists enjoy a tranquil space to focus on the inner self. 

In this blog, we’ve narrowed down a number of our best pooja rooms designs. Go ahead and recreate your favourite one or get in touch with a home interior designer in Chennai to help you tweak it to suit your style.

A Display of Faith

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Your home mandir can be as simple as a bespoke display cabinet. For our clients’, we used a combination of a beautiful, laminate finish and white onyx marble to create a serene vibe that perfectly complements the rest of the elegantly furnished open-plan home. 

Traditionally Minimal

Your faith is an extension of who you are. Which is why it is especially important to ensure your pooja room design is aligned to your needs. In this case, our clients loved the minimalistic motto of “less is more”. Therefore, we combined a traditional temple aesthetic, and the rules of Vastu Shastra with modular cabinets to create a contemporary space that is rooted in tradition. 

Simply Divine

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Sometimes it’s best to keep things super simple. A gorgeous idol of your favourite deity, matching wall colours and a bespoke pendant spotlight – that’s all you need to bring serenity to a space.

Niche Is All You Need

Best interior designers in Chennai

Perhaps it’s divine destiny, but small nooks and niches in your layout are the perfect place for a grand altar. In this nook, we used pristine white tiles along with a sharply contrasting mahogany wood to create a space that is happy, positive and utterly personalised. 

Open Home, Open Heart

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We opened this home with a beautiful skylight to bring in plenty of natural light into the space. Warm sunlight is well-known to improve people’s mood, so you’re bound to be happy contemplating the secrets of the universe. The beautiful rosewood in the cabinets and wardrobe perfectly marries the white marble tiles. It also complements the brass lamps and rose gold Ganesh idol which adds to the serenity.

Beautifully Black

Interior decorators in Chennai

It’s rare to find black in a pooja room, but a metallic finish calls just for that. In contemporary designs for home mandirs, you could enhance the shine and shimmer of your silver and brass idols, lamps and other pooja ornaments when set against a backdrop of black onyx wall and countertops. For this client, we also embedded strip lights within the cabinet and provided plenty of recessed lights for a beautifully lit space.

So, those are our 6 beautiful designs for home mandirs. Didn’t find one that suits your style? Avail a free consultation and talk to our best home interior designers in Chennai.