Area rugs and carpets are excellent additions to a plush interior décor. They’re great for your feet when compared to hard flooring, can cushion your child’s or pet’s fall, and their noise-absorbing quality also makes them a pretty solution to pesky echoes. However, spills and stains are unavoidable with carpeted areas. If you aren’t keen on spending regularly for professional cleanups, here are 6 DIY tips on how to clean carpets and rugs to increase their floor life:

#1 Just Beat It

Dirt build-ups on a carpet’s surface is a routine problem. While vacuuming is one way to suck out the excess dust, some vacuum cleaners may be so strong that they eat up fibers too. A good old-school carpet beating can be your ideal solution – just suspend your carpet from the balcony or somewhere outdoors and give it some good whacks with a carpet beater or brush it down with a stiff-bristled broom. Don’t forget to use a mask to protect yourself!

#2 Get Out the Lint Roller

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If you’ve got shedders in the house, whether it’s a pet or just an excessively hairy sweater, your carpet is going to be clogged! Investing in a lint roller can get all those extra, unwanted fibers off your carpet’s soft surface. It is a great way to deep clean your rug. 

#3 Use Disinfectants

6 Home Hacks to Clean Carpets and Rugs

Since you use your carpet or rug every day, it is vital that you disinfect it from time to time. Once you are done with the dry elements of beating, vacuuming or rolling, disinfect your carpet with a store-bought disinfector or a homemade solution. A 1:3 vinegar-water solution or a diluted dish washer solution works great. You could also purchase a carpet shampoo. As a rule of thumb, always check your cleaner on a corner first to make sure it doesn’t fade out your carpet. 

#4 Hose Them Down

After disinfecting, it is good practice to hose down or rinse your entire rug with water. This is essential to get out soap or shampoo residue. Clean-running water is a sign that all the soap is out. 

#5 Learn How to Spot-Clean

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You cannot learn how to clean carpets without tackling dirty spots like wine or gravy spills and pet stains. For freshly wet and sticky stains, use absorbent cloths or paper towels to soak it up. A water and baking soda mixture can help you get the rest. 

#6 Dry Them Right

Drying is one of the most important steps when you want to clean your carpet like a professional. Roll up your rug to squeeze the excess water out; never scrunch. Then lay your carpet out flat in an airy space. Flip it over to get both sides. Fans can speed up the process. Avoid drying them directly under the sun to prevent fading. As a final step, brush down or vacuum your carpet after it is completely dry. 

Final Good Habits on How to Clean Carpets

  • Dust and vacuum your carpets at least once every week. 
  • Limit wet-washing to once a month. 
  • Get stains and spills immediately to prevent permanent discoloration. 
  • Always blot rather than rub stains to keep from spreading.

Armed with these tips, you can keep your carpets and rugs squeaky clean without any professional visits!