Designing a Home That Is Pet Conscious

5 Tips to Design a Home When You Have a Pet

Designing a Home That Is Pet Conscious

Since the pandemic, a growing number of families are making pets a part of their homes. Bringing a pet into your home is like welcoming a new child. Cats and dogs are curious creatures that can go snooping around. To ensure that they’re safe and comfortable, pay special attention to how you design and decorate your home. Vibrant Interior Designers in Chennai can help you create a home that is pet conscious. 

Here are some tips from our in-house experts on what you can do make your home more pet-friendly.

1. Choose Your Flooring Carefully

When choosing the flooring for your house, texture is key for healthy pets. Hard marble or granite will be too slippery for your furry friends. If you have a heavy-breed dog, they could develop hind leg problems. Instead, consider non-slip textured flooring such as hardwood, textured natural stone tiles or ceramic tiles that have good grip, and are scratch resistant. 

Living room with wood-finish tiles designed by interior designers in Chennai

Wood-finish tiles used in this duplex in R.A. Puram, are textured and easy to maintain! 

2. Use Paint That Is Wipeable

Your dog might look adorable prancing in the rain and jumping in puddles, but when they thump their tails against the wall or paw on it, they may leave behind stains. If you have a pet, especially a dog, consider painting your house with matt emulsion paint that is stain-resistant and easy to wipe down. 

3. Opt for Closed Shelves

Open cupboards may look aesthetically pleasing, but they can be a disaster for a home with pets. Ask any interior designer in Chennai worth their salt and they will tell you that a pet conscious home must have closed shelves. Not only does this prevent your pet from going after the things in it, closed shelves can also help keep fur from collecting in corners.

Home-office with a closed glass bookshelf makes for pet-friendly interior design

Aesthetic and pet-conscious glass bookshelf in an apartment in Kotturpuram 

4. Design Chilling Corners

Adding dog or cat beds in different parts of the house can be a good way to create corners especially for them. For example, the space below a faux bay window is used for storage, but it would work really well as a cozy nook for your cat. Alternately, tuck your dog’s bed away using a trundle that you pull out only during bed time. 

Chilling Corners

The bay window in this Ullagaram bedroom can be converted into a trundle bed, so you can sleep next to your pet 

5. Grilled Balconies

If you live in a high-rise, you should consider getting grills for your balconies or glass banisters to increase safety for your pets. Depending on the size of your furry, the height can be adjusted. If you have a cat, consider enclosing the entire space so that there are no chances of them jumping out. Meshes for windows and grills small enough that your pet can’t squeeze through is another important safety precaution to take.  

Grilled Balconies

Balcony design for a high-rise in Kotturpuram melds charm and safety 

Apart from these, some other things to keep your home more pet-friendly is to choose upholstery that is easy to vacuum, house plants that are safe for pets, and designated relieving space for your dogs in the balcony or porch. Vibrant Interior Designers in Chennai have a whole lot of ideas to make your home a delight for your pets! Contact us for more information.