The House of Ethnic Greys

Vastu plays a major role in many homebuyers’ lives. Most people don’t buy homes that are not a 100% compliant. But who can say no to a gorgeous villa?!

This client purchased a west-facing home in Sholinganallur and came to us with a simple request – to make the house Vastu compliant and refresh the look. Our mandate was to change the direction of the house from west-facing to north-facing without making major structural changes!

During our site visits and internal discussions we discovered a very powerful tool – subliminal messaging! Since rebuilding the house was not an option, we turned to colours, textures, and psychological cues to do the job! We also wanted the aesthetic to reflect the values of the family, which were a mix of traditional and modern. The result was a unique style that played with traditional elements on a modern palette in shades of grey.

We used black and white accents against a grey canvas to bring attention to the new home entrance. The walls were brilliantly hand-painted with Kolam artwork and patterned tiles were peppered on the floor, subliminally tempting visitors to walk down the path. Hand-carved stone pillars and railings, and Mangalore clay tiles for the roof, brought a rustic depth to the house. Finally, a green wall was added opposite the main door for Vastu compliance and a fresh pop of colour.

This house was a challenge and pleasure in every possible way!