The young IT couple had just bought their first home. They wanted the space to look contemporary, and were very particular about not having bright or jarring colours. So, we opted for neutral tones that lent the space a minimalistic vibe.

Using soothing tones of whites, greys and browns as our base for the entire home, we further created unique moods in each room.

The client wanted a modular kitchen that matched the theme of the home. So, we used subtle grey matte laminate for the overhead cabinets while the lower ones took a more rustic, wooden feel. The colours were complementary to each other and provided the room with a muted texture.

Combining minimalism with seamlessness, we opted for profile lighting which brought focus on the customised dining table. Lastly, we separated the open-floor plan by creating a pseudo separation with a swing in the hall. Surprisingly, Ms Reshma also wanted the TV in the bedroom so there would be no distractions when family was over. We were elated to oblige.

This project got us to rekindle our love for the minimal with just a touch of modernism!