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Good kitchen designs perfectly marry style, sophistication and functionality. Whether you choose marble or quartz, a L-shaped or straight layout, as the best modular interior designer in Chennai, we ensure you make the best choices for your space.

Types of Kitchens

This is one of the most efficient kitchen layouts and perfectly suits small spaces. This style is ideal for a one-cook kitchen. It comprises two parallel walls opposite each other with a walkway in between, which is also why it’s known as a ‘walkthrough kitchen’. Most modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai find that it’s easy to design cabinets for this style since there are no pesky corner cabinets to worry about!

A kitchen where the facilities may either be located in the central room, or in a small separate room.

An island kitchen  could be a  detached  piece of cabinetry  that’s  put  in a kitchen to supplement the countertop space…. In  cutting-edge  styled kitchens,  architects  are  starting  to  pay more attention to the  improvement  of  intricate  kitchen islands by  including  sinks and cooking surfaces to them.

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An L-shaped kitchen has  only  two runs of cabinetry,  fixed  at right  angles  to each other. As the name suggests, it is not  the foremost  effective  arrangement—a  galley  kitchen or a U-shaped one is much better  in case  you’re  attempting to  press  a bunch of cabinets into a  little  space.

A straight kitchen is one that  takes after  a single-wall kitchen  format  with counter space on both sides of the cooking  range. Straight kitchens are  basically  designed  for a small kitchen area. Such straight kitchen designs will provide easy access to kitchen appliances like microwave, fridge, oven and everyday provisions.

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A U-Shaped Kitchen efficiently frees up floor space as it maximizes the wall space by using the walls for cabinets and appliances. It makes it easier for chefs and homeowners to access different areas in the kitchen without needing to walk across the room.


Quartz Countertops are made of stone-like materials such as quartz, ceramic, silica, glass, etc., bound with resins and pressed into sheets. These stone-like materials provide quartz counters with the hardness and lack of porosity needed for the heavy demands of cooking. Quartz is picked over a natural stone because it needs no sealing. Its resins are the sealant.

Caesarstone  is a manmade stone that is primarily composed of quartz along with a small portion of resins and special additives for the colour. It is non-porous, making it resistant to many kinds of stains thus, it is ideal for kitchens. It is also scratch resistant.

A laminate countertop with just the right color or design can transform any kitchen into an oasis of style without investing too much money. It is also very easy to install. It is super-easy to clean and does not require any special instructions to follow.

The smooth surface, distinctive veining and elegant appearance of marble show us why they are most coveted by architects since olden times. Marble countertops are available in a wide range of colors and they add a dash of luxury to kitchens and baths. Although marble might be an expensive material to use for complete kitchen counters, it looks exuberant on island kitchens or vanities.

Granite is a purely natural stone that comes is acquired from stone quarries and is further cut into thin slabs, polished and fabricated to produce countertops. Granite appeals to people who like all-natural materials. Every granite slab is a little different in mineral pattern and colour, meaning that your countertop will be unique.

A Solid Surface Countertop is basically a non-porous compound. It emulates the semblance of granite, marble, stone, and other naturally occurring materials, and the joints are almost inconspicuous. One of the most widely used Solid Surface Countertop is the Corian Countertop. A few advantages to be named are, it is light in weight, budget-friendly, easy to install, easy to clean, non-porous and stain-resistant.


Using skirting is a great way to design kitchen as you can easily clean the floor below the cabinets. This is one of the main advantages of opting for modular kitchens. The skirting is easily clipped to cabinet legs, thus making it easy to detach and attach during cleaning.


Kitchen Backsplash is not used to protect walls from spills from your dishes but also, to decorate a small area that distinguishes a beautiful kitchen from a typical kitchen. Its durability and easy to clean surface accentuates the entire look of your kitchen.

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