What’s trending in Home Interiors this season?

Step up your home interiors and adopt the latest in vogue! While most home interior trends have a seasonal existence, we have identified the classics that are here to stay. Elevate your living space and let the vibrance speak for itself.

Going Dark

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It is time to step out of the comfort zone of light interiors and explore darker shades, from mystic dark blue to elegant charcoal greys, or blacks to add an enigmatic feel. Remember to use these colours in light-filled rooms so that you can preserve the balance. Alternatively, you can bring natural composure by using metallic accents that pop, incorporating surfaces that reflect light, or by combining it with light-coloured furniture.

Earthy Hues For Home Interiors

Earthy hues have been making bold statements for some time now. Grey, beige, brown, and nude shades dominate interiors by presenting a natural look. Bring spotlight to your conversation with mustard accents to go with dark coloured walls.

earthy hues home interiors

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Like It Light

If you’re not taken with dark hues and prefer lighter tones, consider going Nordic with an all-white theme. What was once boring and vanilla has become all the rage now, especially when you pair the look with soft vintage furniture, or rustic centerpieces.

light home interior designs

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If you have kids at home, or are unable to maintain white, pastels are the other way to go. Graham and Brown’s dusky pastel pink “Penelope”  is making the rounds and provides a chic, dainty touch to your interiors. Pair it with olive green for contrast, and you have yourself a warm Victorian-style living room!

Work With Patterns

Geometric patterns are making a grand revival this year! In addition to providing eye-soothing repetition, geometry seemingly brings visual harmony with abstract shapes and infinite loops.
Incorporate linear motifs on a wall by aesthetically balancing colour with pattern. If you are hesitant about changing your walls, you can instead explore geometric accents in the form of rugs or curtains. Upgrade your furniture to patterns, or add them to your headboards and comforters with an attention-grabbing monotone. Geometry can also be introduced to the room as an art piece, or be used as a backsplash in your kitchen to make a dramatic statement.

patterns design ideas for home interiors

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Vintage Tales

Find contemporary design too minimalistic for your taste? Travel back in time to the 1940s for bold colours and glamorous furniture. While vintage has always been a classic, certain elements are making a comeback to suit the hybrid vintage-urban setting.

Everything Concrete

Concretes sinks are making splashes in the kitchen, while concrete fireplaces and furniture are the season’s favourite. Apart from being easy to clean, concrete adds texture to space and blends in effortlessly when juxtaposed with natural elements like wood.

Rustic Brass

vintage home interior designs

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If you’re feeling especially adventurous, here’s an interesting option for paneling. Also try vintage lighting in the form of chandeliers, lamps, or in kitchen cabinets for an arcadian appearance.

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Are your home interiors in trend? If not, fret not! Reach out our interior designers in Chennai and we will spruce up your space right and nice for you.