What’s all your furniture pointed at?

Before flat-screen, TVs were encased in boxy entertainment units or armoires, leaving few options for decor. Now, however, wall-mounted TVs take up zero floor space and open up a world of possibilities. How can you jazz up the wall on which your sleek flat-screen is mounted? How do room lighting and layout affect your viewing experience? If these questions are on your mind too, you are in the right place.

Gallery Wall

Curate an assortment of family pictures, paintings and posters for your gallery wall. When it comes to putting objects in frames, the options are endless – an interesting piece of fabric, foliage, a page from your book – all of these can mounted and framed. What’s more, is that in the process of de-emphasizing the TV, we are able to add character to the room, making the space truly your own.

You can go for a symmetrical or random arrangement, depending on the size and number of items. To help you visualize the arrangement, cut brown or printed paper to the size of your frames, and tape them to the wall with removable poster tape. Move the sheets around till you are happy with the final layout, and replace the sheets of paper with the corresponding decor piece.

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Wall Decals

wall decal designs for living room

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Wall decals, unlike wallpaper, do not cover the entire wall and can instantly transform a plain wall into a work of art. Restrict yourself from picking repeated pattern and go for bold shapes and images that flow across the wall. You can also continue the pattern on the other walls to create a recurring theme in the room.


As Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S rightly puts it, “What’s all your furniture pointed at?”. If your living room doubles up as the entertainment room, the TV acts as the focal point and around which all your furniture is centered.
If you frequently host movie marathons or video-game nights, a five seater couch, a two seater sofa, and a low centre table will give you the perfect theater vibe. Arrange the furniture in a box layout and go in for yellow lights to add to the mood.

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lighting ideas for TV stand

Nothing spoils the TV viewing experience like a strong glare or reflection. Windows on the wall opposite the TV are a big no. For windows on the wall adjacent to your TV, opt for opaque, dark curtains to minimize glare. As for lamps and lighting fixtures, place them on the wall on which the TV is mounted and on adjacent walls too.
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