What is bathroom wellness, and why do you need it?

Bathrooms have become more than just functional units. They have evolved into sanctuaries for personal wellbeing. A bathroom designed for wellness and sustainability goes beyond comfort and style to help you relax, easing your mind and body. Here are some ways to help you build wellness into your bathroom design.


whirpool in bathroom

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Imagine the soft embrace of a warm water massage at the comfort of your home. A quiet moment, eyes shut, head eased back…wouldn’t that be invigorating? An outdoor whirlpool, on the other hand, can be a fun and intimate hang out space. Get your own bathroom whirlpool with the help of the best interior designers in Chennai.

Chromotherapy For Bathroom Wellness

Colours have much more than an aesthetic value. Every colour has a distinct set of properties, wavelengths, and energies that impact the surrounding atmosphere. With a bathroom built on chromotherapy, you can immerse yourself in a vibrant, visual shower of carefully chosen colours that uplift your mood and rejuvenate your senses.
LED light fixtures of varying colors and kaleidoscopic patterns can be integrated into hot tubs, jacuzzis, and showers for therapeutic ends. Fun and healing – what more can one ask for?

Bathroom Vanity

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Repurposing cabinets are the easy and default way to build storage into your bathroom vanity. But, you need to take into account factors such as humidity, size, and style, to design one that is durable and well suited to your needs.
Floating and open vanities are easily accessible and improvisable. Fitted with elegant mirrors, and clean bright washbasin units, they are not only functional but can also make the bathroom look airy, spacious and charming.
Pro-tip: Do take cues from the Queer Eye cast on Netflix, to decide what to stock in your vanity cabinets. You can thank us later!

Integrated Smart Toilets

Smart toilets come with a range of futuristic features from touch-free flushes, automatic seats, self-cleaning, and deodorizing systems.
A smart toilet senses body movements to automatically flush the toilet bowl. It even helps you save valuable water by determining the amount of water needed for each flush. A boon to those who cringe every time they have to touch a toilet handle or seat, a smart toilet eliminates touch. You can lift your toilet seat with a simple wave of your hand. Remember, it even cleans itself!
That said, smart toilets are not only about functionality. They are also fun. With certain models, you can even stream music from your phone or other devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

With events like the international bathroom exhibition gaining momentum, the buzz around bathroom wellness is here to stay. Reach out to home interior designers in Chennai to turn your bathroom into a peaceful oasis of wellness.