Ways to separate your living and dining room

Open floor plans have been in vogue for some time now. What’s not to love about large open spaces, right? However, a lot of folks who live in homes like this will tell you that it can feel a little ‘too open’ sometimes. Demarcating spaces and installing room dividers can make spaces cozy, and give you some much-needed privacy.


lights for room partition

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Believe it or not, installing the proper lights can make the difference between an ordinary and a well-designed space. Also using different toned lighting can help demarcate spaces, and highlight certain features of your home. A hanging light over your dinner table, for instance, sets apart the dining area by casting a warm glow around the table. You can consult home interior designers in Chennai to create an optimal blend of natural and artificial lighting.

Furniture as partition

furniture as room divider

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Furniture can themselves act as separators for your open floor home. Using long-seaters and sofas, facing away from the kitchen can help differentiate these zones. It also helps to have varying colour palettes for the areas. Make sure you choose complementary colours, while colour blocking. It could end up looking garish, otherwise.

Display Units as Room Partition

display unit as room partition

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Another style statement in cordoning off units is displayed shelves. They act as dividers, serving as a partial wall. These shelves can be see-through, have frosted glass, or even have opaque panels. Also you can place books or art pieces on the shelves that go with the rest of your room’s decor.

Jalli Screens

jalli screens for room partition

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Lattice screens are laser cut, forming unique patterns on the surface of the panel. Also these jalli screens have interesting designs, that allow for a limited view. What is special about this accessory is that the light streaming through creates interesting whimsical patterns on the walls.

Sliders for Living room Partition

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Nothing says ‘have your cake and eat it too’, like sliding doors. These doors, either transparent or opaque, and can be opened when you need. It gives a certain privacy, along with the option of going back to your open floor vibe, at the slide of a door!
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