Wardrobe Designs for Every Personality

Wardrobe designs are like fingerprints, no two are alike. Each of them is a reflection of your unique personality. Our home interior designers in Chennai have rounded up some wardrobe designs that are a reflection of your sense of style. Read on to know more on various wardrobe designs.


Image Source: Pinterest

Designed by Patrick Seha, the PIANO is a wall-mounted wooden hanger/coat rack, that is both artistic and user-friendly. It is foldable and takes up little space. Unhook and flatten the arms, as and when you need to hang your clothes. You can use the multiple levels to sort/organize your belongings.

The Freestander Wardrobe Design

If you are tight on space, a freestanding wardrobe design is a good option. A wardrobe on the wheels, it is light and easy to move. Simple in style and bohemian in character, this cute addition to your home will be a definite eye catcher.

The Walk-In Wardrobe

walk in wardrobe design

Image Source: Pinterest

Multiple racks, built-in cabinets, and drawers maximize the storage capacity of this walk-in wardrobe. Minimalistic in design, it helps you neatly organize your outfits and accouterments. With a large closet space, it packs a dressing table too. The dark walnut shades add a warm and cozy tone.

All-in-one Wardrobe

Assembling lofts, racks, cabinets, and railing, this all-in-one wardrobe makes storage artful. The open style allows easy access while the dividing frames enable organization. Efficiently utilizing the wall and floor space, this clever design leaves no room wasted. The freestyle make and dark brown hues create a homey vibe.

The Built-In Wardrobe Design

This built-in wardrobe with sliding doors is best suited for smaller rooms, as it does not require extra space for open doors. Inset drawers and cabinets of varying sizes make it super functional. The gentle lighting and smooth finish add dynamism to the otherwise empty wall face.

The Grab N’ Go

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This wardrobe makes getting ready smooth and easy. Accommodating a closet with compact open and closed cabinets helps organize your essentials. You can even share your cabinet space with others. Conveniently set coat hangers make it all the cooler.

The Connoisseur

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This one is for the connoisseur of fashion who want to display a curated collection. You could go for a wardrobe with transparent/glass doors and warm light fixtures. Pleasant and easy on the eyes, as long as you keep your stuff organized.
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