Once you have bought your dream home, the next step of doing the interiors can seem like an intimidating task. But fret not, because we at Vibrant Interiors have got it all under control. Our end-to-end home interior designers in Chennai make sure that you don’t have to worry about your home interiors, once you hand the task over to our skilled designers.

vibrant home interiors process

First Meeting

Once we have seen your space, we sit down with you to understand your lifestyle, requirements, tastes, and preferences. We show you images of styles, colours, and patterns, to help you visualize and pick a winner.

Budget Talks

Equipped with insight on the kind of home you’ve always dreamt of, we map out a rough budget and share it with you within 2 days of the meeting.

Creating The Designs

Once the initial budget has been approved, we start working on a 3D drawing, with details of the space clearly mapped out, so that you can envision what your home would look like after the work is completed.
A WhatsApp group is created, comprising of you, our business head, and the interior designers who will be working on your home. This way, you can communicate directly with our designers, we are able to have a check on the progress, and the process is accelerated too.

The Feedback Loop

And then begins the design and feedback loop between you and our team of designers. This leaves a wide berth for corrections and improvements. It usually takes 20-25 days to arrive at the final drawing. (Perfection takes time!)
Once you are happy with the 3D design, we will present you with an accurate and detailed quotation. The render will record all changes made to the design, in case you want to revisit any decision.

The Execution

Armed with the 3D designs, we begin the process of crafting your home. We make sure that the execution does not deviate from the designs unless there are issues with the availability of a particular colour or material.

The Pay Schedule

We charge a nominal amount for the 3D designs, based on the size of the project and quantum of work involved. This fee is exclusive of the project value itself.We ask our clients to furnish 50% of the final quotation, as the advance payment, before we can start bringing your home to life. Once the carcass, that is, the skeletal structure of the installments, is fixed, the remaining 50% is to be released.

The Vibrant Interiors Extra Mile

Our brand is known for its affinity for using materials, that is nothing short of the best quality available. Our concern for the environment and your well being, too, is well reflected in our designs and materials.
For instance, the imported birch ply we use is calibrated and highly eco-friendly. This primarily allows us to avoid using formaldehyde as an adhesive, which is proven to be carcinogenic.Hope this answers most of your questions on what it is like to work with us. If you still have questions you’d like clarified, feel free to reach out to us.
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