Vaastu reimagined: 5 tips for a better office space

Vaastu for workplace is gaining ground as a guide to designing spaces and planning layouts. So to integrate the traditional science of architecture with the lifestyle we have created vaastu for workplace. Naturally, this discipline extends to all workspaces. Seeing as one spends a good part of their day at work, it’s all the more important to plan an arrangement that is harmonious and conducive to work. Here are a few pointers to get you started on vaastu for workplace :

1. Structures

If you’re in the early stages of planning your office space, you’re in luck! Talk to your architect about the plot design and the placement of doors and windows. It is ideal if the plot is broader in the front, and the office building faces north, north-east or north-west. Therefore Design the space so the office entrance faces east or north, with windows opposite doors to maximize cross ventilation.
Pro tip: Do not obstruct the path to the main entrance by placing anything in front of/ close to it.

2. Interior Design

Fortunately, there are interior designers in Chennai conversant with Vaastu practices, if you’re looking for someone to take on the responsibility of remodeling your office. Therefore you can start by focusing on the reception area and its furnishings. The reception area can say a lot about your firm to visitors, so make sure it looks welcoming. So Why not place a four leaf clover plant by the leading pathway? It is said to bring good fortune. Also Avoid glass or metal tables, and go for a rectangular table in teak or other superior quality wood, to promote clarity and concentration.

vaastu for office reception

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3. Tweak The Vaastu For Workplace

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You’ll be surprised to know that professionals can have tailor-made Vaastu recommendations. For instance, accounting professionals are advised to have their offices in the south-east corner of the building and face a north-easterly direction for more wealth. Also It is said that Lord Kubera’s presence in the north.  Hence it can influence of the water element in the north-east can significantly affecting the financial opportunities of individuals.

4. Energy Is Everywhere

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The key is to believe and understand that energy can be channelized for efficiency and better productivity. Hence entrepreneurs are encouraged to sit in the western part of the office, facing north-east, to help foster and improve command and leadership qualities. Therefore working facing the door can encourage feelings of mutual trust, and this too can be incorporated while designing the seating arrangement.

5. Work From Home

vaastu tips for home office

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People who work from home should take just as much care in designing their office space. Hence it is worthy to remember that the office should be set up in the west or south-west part of the house to aid decision making. Also Light yellow, green or cream coloured walls reinforce the right state of mind to work with engagement. Therefore as with every workspace, remember to keep your workstation clutter free!

home office set up ideas

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Finally a little attention to detail and care in space management can work wonders and contribute to office productivity.
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