Types of Windows

Windows are an aesthetic statement, deep-rooted in functionality. They carry cultural influences, which have been shaped by contemporary styles and utility.Therefore here are a few basic types of window styles for your home.

Horizontal Sliding

horizontal sliding window

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These windows go well with every architectural design, owing to their versatility. Also they slide along a runner, and only one window slate can be opened at a time. Therefore they lock easily and take up little space. So make sure to clean the fingerprint smears regularly, to keep the glass clear.

Double Hung Windows

double hung windows

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Also called sash windows, they consist of two window sashes that are separately hinged. They can be made to move up and down, and aren’t restricted by each other’s movement. They are ideal for smaller spaces, such as a kitchen corner. The movement can get a little tight over time, so lubricate the hinges regularly.



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Awning or hopper windows are perfect for areas that are less spacious. This setup has a chain, that lets it open outwards, horizontally. The chain at the bottom keeps the window open. The downside is that there’s a given limit to how far these will open.

Arched Windows

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These have been conventionally favored for their beautiful frames, that goes with every kind of interiors. The ventilation aspect is vastly different, among arched window types. A casement window can be incorporated into the frame. This way  they can be cranked open at about 90°, to let air in. They require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Bow Windows

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Bow windows are a variation of the classic casement window frames. There is a projected bow-like shape in the wall. It has windows installed at an angle of 30-40°on either side of the main window. They can make a space look bigger, but demand regular maintenance of the glass. You can consult home interior decorators in Chennai, about these, right from your home designing stage.

Skylight Windows

skylight window design idea

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These are the stuff of dreams. You can install it on the ceiling, so it opens out to the sky. This roof window can be installed with a key lock, or fixed – with a permanent lock. Areas with lesser scope for sunlight can benefit from this window type.