Turn the Tables – the 7 ways in which tables sneak into your home

Have you ever walked into a home décor store and stood there wondering how you can use the different types of tables you see, or perhaps made an impulsive purchase and then pondered over how you could fit it in? Knowing your types of tables will not just spruce up your living spaces, but also come handy when you want to show off your knowledge about this 4-legged piece of furniture..

Bedside Tables

simple bedside table desigs

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Your bedroom is the most private space in your entire house, and a bedside table should complement your personality. Ideally, it should be the height of your mattress, or slightly shorter. You can choose from a bedside chest with 2 or 3 drawers, or a cabinet with one drawer and a large storage below, or perhaps a nightstand that is more aesthetic than functional.

Coffee Tables

coffee table design ideas

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Coffee tables form the centerpiece for a cozy evening at home, and are indispensable on movie nights, holding your drinks and rescuing you from spillage. The ideal coffee table is 2/3rds the width of your sofa, and 5-10 cms lower than your sofa seat. Homestore is stocked with many different styles – from industrial with the feel of factory tools to mid-century minimal, and contemporary out-of-the-box designs.

Console Tables

what is a console table

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These tables fill the ‘there’s something missing’ factor in a room. Essentially, they display the things that cannot be kept at floor level and often act as mirror tables as well. They are designed thin and long so that they can be positioned against the wall, to compensate for the lack of room available. These tables fit in anywhere – the foyer, living room, or even the bedroom, and enhance awkward spaces into attractive display areas.

Dining Tables

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Dining tables are a focal point in any home and taking the time to choose one is time well spent. It is important to keep in mind that there should be at least 24 inches for each place setting, and 36 inches between the wall and the table. The size of the room dictates the shape of the table – while round tables allow for more leg-room, square tables accommodate more people. Rectangle tables are the most common shape for long, narrow rooms; though oval tables take lesser space visually.

End Tables

These are smaller tables placed at the end of larger furniture, usually a sofa or a chair. End tables need to be at arm’s height of the adjacent furniture and range from 20 to 30 inches. They can take the form of a nesting table, a trunk, or a C-table that offers tray space; and come in a variety of shapes including oval, triangular, and free-form.
While these are the major types of tables, tables also come in styles that can be categorized as accent tables or nesting tables.

Accent Tables

what are accent tables

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Accent refers to making something stand out from the general theme or colours used in a room. It could be anything from a chair or a table, to a curtain or a decorative piece of art. Hence while choosing an accent table, you need to look out for something that is ideally small. Also it should be either painted, inlaid or have interesting elements that draw attention.It can also be the materials used, interesting shape it takes, or the colours and fabrics.

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are tables that can be stacked inside one another. This is an ad hoc way to add furniture to spaces where they aren’t used most of the time but are required while entertaining people. They can be arranged interestingly in more ways than one, giving it the versatility and freedom to use as required. They are a functional, yet unique addition to any space, indoor or outdoor.

If you are looking to decorate your house, you would know that it is no easy task. With options aplenty, you are exposed to a host of new ideas every Google search.
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