The best bedroom wall colors for a good nights sleep

Did you know – of people that have blue wall colored bedrooms, over 58% of them say they wake up feeling rested and happy? Or that, while the color yellow is often associated with pep and energy, it is one of the best for a good night’s sleep? Turns out, your slumber has more to do with your accent wall than you would have thought! Here’s a quick read on best colors for bedroom to get a good night sleep.

Shades of Blue For Bedroom

blue wall paint for bedrooms

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Shades of blue remind us of a calming pond, or a cloudless sky, and are the best choice for a restful slumber. Also it stimulates receptors in your retina that reduce your blood pressure and lower your heart rate, creating a calming effect. (This is why your phone comes with a blue light option for bedtime use).

best paint shades for bedroom

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Bright and Yellow for Bedroom Wall Colors

best wall colors for bedroom

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If blue is not your style, hues of pale yellow do the trick as well! They give out a warm, comfortable aura that makes it easy for people to fall asleep. You can also opt for orange that incites similar relaxation and is also known to aid digestion. Therefore staying in a room with these warm tones automatically prepares the body for a cozy, tranquil time.

warm bedroom color shades for good sleep

 Go Green For Bedroom Walls

When you are tucked in bed cozily under the covers, shades of green can be comforting to look at while you doze off. Imagine waking up to an olive green or a moss colored wall! This is also known to aid in having a balanced mood.

green shades for good sleep

While these colors are the best for a restful sleep routine, for best results you should have a regular night time routine. And also don’t forget to unwind before hitting the sack! If you are still unable to figure out the best shades of colors for your bedroom, contact top interior designers near you.