The basics of maintaining your granite counter top

Granite counter top has become an almost obvious choice for kitchen counter tops, owing to its classy aesthetics, and durability. It is natural for people to overlook the maintenance aspect of daily life of granite counter top. But proper cleaning is necessary to preserve the quality of the granite surface and increase the longevity of the material. Here’s how to maintain your granite counter top.

Everyday Cleaning

granite countertop cleaning

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Cleaning the granite counter top every day with a soft, damp cloth is the bare minimum, that you cannot skip on. But if you’re using cleaning agents, go for a mild detergent dipped in room-temperature or lukewarm water.  Also dry the surface with a soft cloth after, so there are no stubborn water rings. Finally avoid using harsh chemicals for daily cleaning, as they can cause abrasion of the material.

Use A Sealant For Counter top

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Granite is a porous material, and uncleaned spills can have a negative effect, in the long term. As a precautionary measure, apply a coat of sealant on the countertop, so that spills do not permeate through the tiny holes. For your modular kitchen in Chennai, you can consult an interior designer, to understand whether you should go for a permanent or an enhancer sealant.
Make sure to clean the top well before applying the sealant. Some sealants need reapplication once every few years, whereas other types may require recoating every 6 months.

Best Practices For Granite Counter top

best practices for granite top

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Even though this material can handle the hottest of your pans and vessels, you should avoid doing that. When the stone’s cold surface comes in contact with the heat of the utensil, the thermal shock can cause hairline cracks. This can lead to deterioration of the material over time.
Also, immediately blot up stains using tissue or cloth, so that it doesn’t break the sealant layer.
Pro-tip: Keep heat-resistant silicone mats like these handy, in the kitchen

Cleaning Agents

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You should, by all means, avoid using tub cleaners, window cleaners, bleach, and powdered alkaline cleaners. Vinegar and lemon are also a big no, owing to their acidic nature, that can erode the surface. A mix of baking soda and water is just right, to get rid of oil and tough stains.
Different types of granite stones have to be maintained differently. If you’re looking to revamp your modular kitchen in Chennai, engage a professional to understand what type of countertop works best for your needs.