Sleep Better With Good Bedroom Design

According to a Forbes article, 30% adults suffer from insomnia. From limiting screen time to cutting down coffee in late hours, there is plenty of free advice floating about when it comes to the problem of getting a good night’s sleep. But, there is one thing that is often neglected – your bedroom design. The spaces you architect, inform and inspire your inner world. Here are some design mantras you should follow, to catch that good night’s sleep:

Focus (On) Lighting in Bedroom Design

dim lighting for bedroom

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Exposure to bright white light makes it hard for your eyes to shut down. Choose warm and mellow shades for your bedroom lamps, and make sure to add dimmable switches. Overhead lights are a big no-no. And big night lamps leave a nasty impression on the wall. Switch to a petit night lamp in shades of orange or pink, with a dim glow. If you need help choosing between recessed lighting and wall fixtures, consult the best interior designers in Chennai to get that cosy room where you can snooze to your heart’s content

Choose Relaxing Colours

relaxing colours for bedroom design

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Neutral shades and cool colors such as blue, gray, green, and lavender are more conducive to sleep. They are medically proven to lower blood pressure and cool you down for a good night’s sleep. They also have a relaxing effect on your mood. Research shows that colours like red induce stress and are not suitable for the bedroom. However, if you don’t want to part with these shades, you can imbue them as accents on your pillows, and artwork.

Keep That Street Light Out

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While it is nice to have a room and a bed with a view, no one likes to be woken up early by hot streaming sunlight. Use blackout shades or thick curtains to keep the sun or street lights out. From wooden blinds to blackout curtains, there are a number of styles and materials you can choose from. Just remember to pick one that works with the rest of your bedroom style.

Placement Psychology

Design psychologists state that proper placement of the bed can alleviate anxiety and boost sleep quality. For instance, when your bed faces against a wall leaving you a clear view of the rest of the room and doorway, it creates a sense of ease and comfort in your mind. Similarly, placing the bed facing a mirror might create scary reflections and shadows, should you wake up in the middle of the night, for a glass of water.

Last But Not Least, The Bedding

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It is important to get the basics right. It’s always preferable to go for natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. Choosing these fabrics for your bedding helps in promoting airflow and breathability. Colour matters too. While most people prefer crisp white sheets, studies reveal that white colour, in fact, reflects light, affecting sleep quality. Instead, go for cool shades such as green or blue. We hope with these practical tips, you can bid adieu to sleepless nights. Sleep better with a good bedroom design from the best interior designers in Chennai.