Shaping up your interior space with geometry

Geometric prints are taking over the design world. From runway fashion to home decor, kaleidoscopic designs seem to be all the rage. Geometry plays a very basic role in planning interiors. That being said, take into consideration the space and design that will make your home look aesthetic, spacious, and uncluttered, all at the same time.

Look Beyond Décor, Look Into Nature For Geometric Inspiration

Look around, you can find shapes everywhere. Nature has geometric patterns like snowflakes and bee combs, that can be duplicated in your decor to create elegance and class. These exquisite patterns can be a great source of inspiration.

hexagonal wall decor for interiors

Image Source: Pinterest

An easy way to incorporate a honeycomb theme at home is to accentuate your wall with hexagon shaped shelves. It can serve as a stylish wall design, or used as a personal library to store your favourite books.

Keep Geometric Tiles in Bathroom Classy

Geometric tiles can look classy in bathrooms too. These tiles can turn even the most boring bathroom into a masterpiece that will leave you mesmerized. Unlike your kitchen, the options available for bathrooms are greater. You can create anything from a feature wall using mosaic tiles, to large and bold patterns.

Find Rhythm In Asymmetry Patterns

asymmetric design tiles for bathroom

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Symmetrical placements make designs look simple and pleasing. Though symmetry is meant to be easy on the eye, asymmetry gives depth and visual interest to a room.This design creates a less rigid scheme where a variety of elements work together to create balance. While decorating a bedroom, use objects like artwork on the wall, or vases on either side of an asymmetrically designed bed and a dark coloured focal wall, that will balance the light coming through the window.

Feel The Interior Design Shapes With Geometry

According to the science of shapes, different shapes make us feel differently. Sharp corners indicate direction and progress, while block patterns add a sense of durability. Alternatively, circles induce graceful and peaceful vibes. So, the choice is a really personal one, and you can’t go wrong.

geometrical headboard ideas for bedroom

The Golden Ratio For Interior Designs

Found in nature, the Golden Ratio helps create pleasant design components and a harmonious relationship between two elements. According to this ratio, the ideal combination incorporates 60 percent of neutral colors, 30 percent of dark colored furniture, 10 percent of accents in warm colors, 5 percent of accents in bright colors, and just a touch of cooler tones like blue or turquoise. Using colours, patterns, placements, and shapes in the proportion of the golden ratio is a foolproof way of designing your home the architect way! If you are looking forward to implement these ideas to your home in Chennai, contact your nearest interior designers now.