Say It With Pastels

If you thought pastels belong in your kid’s nursery, we are here to prove you wrong. They are incredibly versatile and can be used as a base colour or as a subtle accent. Here are a few ways you can give your home a sophisticated spin; and we guarantee, you will never look at dusty pink the same way again!.

Pastels for Tranquil Bedrooms

If there is one place we want to create a soothing and relaxing vibe – it’s the bedroom. These soft and muted shades go a long way to create a tranquil space for some rest and relaxation.
Don’t want to go all out? Use pastels as an accent with a plethora of bedding options. You can balance out the neutral walls with simple throw pillows, bed sheets or bed covers.

pastel colored bedroom

Image Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a longstanding relationship with these colours, but want to start small, you can introduce them in your bedroom furniture. Paint your bed frame your favorite shade of robin blue or reupholster your go-to pouffe for a vintage look.

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Alternatively, you could go the distance and paint your entire wall! We have curated a list of the best paint options for a good night’s sleep, to help you decide. You can also use these colours for an accent wall.

Pastel and Whimsical Living

Pastels create an airiness to your space – playful yet complicated! There’s a dash of whimsy to your living space which can be balanced out by adding a grounding factor to your décor.

pastel themed interior ideas

Start small with a ‘hero’ element – one piece that ties the whole room together. From freshly upholstered sofas to mature stylish chairs and patterned rugs, creating a breezy living space has never been this easy.

The best part about using pastels is that you don’t have to completely redecorate your space. Instead, it is possible to change the look and feel of your living room by accessorizing key pieces of furniture with light-toned highlights.

pastel themed furniture highlights

Looking to paint your walls a muted shade? Play with the rest of your décor by incorporating different textures. Natural materials like wood and eye-catching faux fur can bring these muted colours to life and add character to your home.

Retro Kitchens With Pastels

We love our kitchens and while we are on board with all the contemporary trends, we miss the vintage rustic charm. Lucky for us, pastels are making a big comeback, especially on the dining table!

pastel colored kitchen

At a time when all-white kitchens are a norm, pastel cabinets add a lovely calming vibe. Soft colours add a bright, happy feel to your contemporary kitchen by infusing it with a rustic charm.

If your home features a lot of neutral shades like white or grey, a whisper of mint green or egg yolk yellow is enough for a pared-down palette.

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