Pros and cons of wall hung toilets

Wall hung toilets initially made their foray into the market owing to their design and practicality, in terms of space management. But these bathroom fittings have evolved with time. Here’s a list of pros and cons to consider before installing wall hung toilets.

What Are The Pros?

Frees Up Floor Space

wall hung toilet design

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Since the unit takes up less floor space than floor-mounted toilets, there’s more room to choose the area of placement. You only have to make sure that the toilet is mounted, close to a water source. This also makes cleaning and maintenance less cumbersome, as the floor isn’t occupied.

Easy To Unclog Wall Hung Toilet

One of the biggest advantages of this system is, it is easy to unclog the toilet. Since the way it works is,  the carrier and tank are mounted and concealed, behind the wall. Therefore flush button which is the access to the underlying system can be opened to fix blockages.


wall hung toiled design

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Move expensive, fragile objects to top shelves. At lower levels, books, toys, and cushions can double up as décor. Keep toys inaccessible bins and wicker baskets, that serve as storage, and can be easily tucked away out of sight, on demand. If you’re itching to buy a new piece of decor, you might want to consider unbreakable acrylic instead of glass.

What Are The Cons?

Invasive Construction

The assembly essentially involves opening a part of the wall, to install water pipes and drainage systems.Also it can become a costly affair if it involves reconstruction or is done improperly. Therefore it is advisable to call in a professional, to get it right the first time!


If not built with due care, the closets can become loose. Seeing as they are hinged to the wall, the pressure exerted overtime has an effect on the sturdiness of the fixture. Therefore attention must also be given to the ease in opening the access panel, as that’s the point where blocks can be fixed.

Cost Of Service And Setup

These fittings are part of the more luxurious range of sanitaryware, and it can get expensive to buy, and have them installed. Because the mounting requires experience and good craftsmanship, which can increase the labor cost.
The setup consists of a full system that’s inclusive of the bowl, cistern, and carrier. Finally if this sleek unit is something you’d want, consult home interior decorators in Chennai, to help you choose the right setup and execute the installation.