6 paw-some hacks to make your home pet friendly!

For most of you that have a furry friend at home, we know that their pampering has no end, and giving them a fun and loving home is top on your list of priorities. But, that does not mean that you have to forgo your comfort and luxury. With just a few simple choices and swaps, making pet friendly home interiors can be a cakewalk..

Pet Friendly Fabrics

Be it the sofa upholstery, bedspread or rug, it’s good to steer away from fur magnets like velvet, corduroy, and nylon, that attract static hair. Further, textiles with a heavy texture like wool, and other knit fabrics tend to trap fur, making cleaning an impossible task.
But, knowing what to avoid leaves you with plenty of great options. Also You can now choose from pleather (a leather imitation made from polyurethane plastic), natural leather, silk/satin, or even microfiber!
For your everyday cuddle sesh with your pet, cover your sofa or bed with a thick blanket or throw over, which you can toss into the washing machine later.

Floors That Hold Up

best flooring options for pets

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Claws and paws thread carpeted floors and are an obvious no-no. Hardwood floors, even worse, stand testimony to scathing claw marks. This leaves you with ceramic tiles and natural store flooring, which are scratch and stain resistant. More importantly, they keep your pet’s body temperature under control, which is vital, given the hot weather in many parts of India.

Captivating Corners For Pets

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The trick to keeping your pets from messing up the entire house is to have a designated space just for them. Also decorate space with all their toys so that they know they’re king there! Build them a tent or a playpen – a comfortable nook where they can chill endlessly. While dogs love a comfortable bed, if you have feline pets, perch a cat tower with a scratch post in a corner. Your cats can play here, leaving your furniture scratch-free.

Colour Coordinated Upholstery

pet friendly furniture ideas

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Having your flooring and sofa upholstery colour coordinated with your pet’s fur is perhaps the best things you can do to save yourself a lot of time and effort. Cleaning regularly is a given when you have pets. However, the visibility of the pet’s hair is greatly reduced this way. This is an easy option to have pet friendly home interiors.

Four-Legged Toddlers

Remember that your pet is a four-legged toddler! Do everything that you will do if you have a baby in the house – switch to childproof latches, keep food, valuable and delicate items high and out of reach, and the toilet lid closed. Apart from these, use garbage bins with lids, and environmentally friendly cleaning materials. Hence research plants before you grow them indoors, as they may hazardous to your pet’s health. Also ensure that the wiring behind your electrical appliances is inaccessible. Also most importantly – think it through before installing automatic door closers, as we do not our furry friends getting trapped.

Make A Pet Entrance

RMake sure that the entrance hallway of your house is well suited to handle dirt when your pet enters with mucky feet. Have lint removers and wet wipes handy, and keep those vacuum cleaners at the arm’s length.
As amusing as it is to watch your dog shake off the water, it doesn’t do anything good for your walls. For a little extra protection, you can quote the walls in this space with washable paint.

If you want to create a space that is as much a home for your pet, as it is for you, reach out to thoughtful and creative pet friendly interior designers in Chennai.