Pest Control 101: Prevention, Control, Repair

It is indeed sad to see your painstakingly designed wooden decor being ruthlessly attacked by pests like spiders, termites. It is certainly a Herculean task to make sure pests leave and heave that sigh of relief when you see the last of them. When it comes to dealing with these uninvited guests, prevention is always easier than repair. Here’s a few things you need to know about pest control.

Step Zero: Prevention

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These are simple changes that you can bring about in your home, that are indispensable to keeping your home free of pests. It is the smarter option too!
Small steps like keeping your garbage covered at all times, and decluttering will go a long way in guarding your home against the attack of these seemingly invincible pests. Reducing the level of moisture indoors is key as these bugs thrive on moist surfaces. This can be achieved through opening all windows and doors, for effective cross-ventilation, at least once a week.
It is also imperative to buy termite-proof furniture that comes with a warranty. Buy from the best interior designers in Chennai, to make sure that your woodworks last for years to come.
However, if you have already found the dreaded ‘termite trail’ in your living room, then fret not! If the damage is non-invasive, there are plenty of options before you. The harm is still minimal and you have hope.

Fret Not: It’s All Under Control

The solution is quite simple: fill the cracks and holes in your foundations, and use zappers and sprays to ensure that the pests don’t make a home of your furnishing. Go a step further and fire-harden the wood to remove its moisture and strengthen it, or use wood sealers to cut off the oxygen supply and get rid of these uninvited guests.

Code Red: Call For Professional Help

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However, it is quite possible that at times the damage might be slightly beyond simple DIY solutions and regular cleaning. There are times when you will require professional help to evict these pests from your house. There are home interior designers in Chennai who can help you restore your home!
When it comes to pest management, a comprehensive solution includes techniques of prevention, control, and repair. Talk to Vibrant Space Interiors, interior decorators in Chennai, to learn more