Model your kitchen. Modular kitchen.

The average person spends about 51 minutes a day in the kitchen. This makes choosing the right modular kitchen type a daunting task. Its because there are plenty of options to choose from! Here is the Vibrant Guide to find the perfect modular kitchen type for your home.

Straight Kitchen

straight type modular kitchen

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Best suited for small kitchens with an open plan, the straight kitchen is a linear layout that does not employ the work triangle. It optimizes efficient use of your space with a compact and unobstructed workflow design. In this arrangement, regularly used appliances and provisions can be stored on the countertop and the cabinets above and below can be used to stow away lesser used products.

U-Shaped Kitchen

u shaped modular kitchen

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If you’re a culinarian, a U-shaped kitchen is a perfect fit. As the name suggests, the layout has a counter running on three sides of the kitchen, leaving one open. This type of kitchen works well for spaces of all sizes. The floor plan has two large counters and a third smaller one, allowing for more than two people to move around without obstructing the workflow.
One of the best attributes of this style of kitchen is the large counter and storage space, with appliances within easy reach. Our kitchen cabinet layout comprises of wall-mounted cupboards placed along all three sides for maximized storage.

L-Shaped Kitchen

l shaped modular kitchen type

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The L-shaped kitchen is ideal for corners, small kitchens, and open layouts. Featuring two counters placed at right angles to each other, it perfectly embodies the work triangle and it ensures maximum efficiency while cooking.It can be adapted into any type of house; the two arms can be elongated or shortened, keeping in mind the structure of the kitchen and availability of space. For example, in a long rectangular kitchen, one arm of the L can be made shorter than the other. We can also convert the extra space into a dining nook.Or even install a kitchen island to convert into a worksite for baking or storing additional cooking equipment.

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Parallel Kitchen

parallel modular kitchen type

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When it comes to the best cooking experience, the parallel kitchen is possibly the most efficient. With two working areas facing each other, workspaces can be split into ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ areas, making it convenient for more than one person to move around.
The cabinets run both on the top and bottom on either side, making way for plenty of storage space. For clients with existing structures, we recommend this style of a kitchen as it requires little rearranging or remodeling.

Island Kitchens

Island kitchens are the most preferred choice of kitchens for homeowners around the world. Depending on the amount of space available, a detached island can be paired with any type of kitchen plan.

island kitchen type

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The advantage of an island is that it can also be used as a breakfast counter or a dining table by tossing in some bar stools when required.
To know more about the type of modular kitchen that works best for your home, schedule a consultation with us today!