Minimalism in Interior Designing: Ask Why Before You Buy

Minimalism, as a trend, is catching on in interior designing. But to truly commit, you have to accept it as a lifestyle choice for the long haul. While some may appreciate the ease with which they can pack up and move, some others have no choice in the matter – like the residents of Beijing. In either case, when you embrace minimalism, serenity is just around the corner.

Minimalism is Decluttered State-Of-Mind

Zen gurus may speak of ridding yourself of worldly pleasures to truly find peace, but there’s a simpler way to approach a balance of minimalism amid the plethora of modern delights. You don’t have to throw out all your furniture and clothes to call yourself a minimalist. Instead, identify what matters the most to you, and focus purchase decisions on what you really need.

Go Hard On Sale Day

Another great way to kickstart your minimalist journey is to plan ahead for sales. With a strict budget and a conscious effort to choose quality over quantity, you will find that you only bring valuable items home, and also save up significantly in the process.

Reuse And Recycle

As a habitual hoarder, you might have some trouble getting rid of things. The Instagram and Snapchat lifestyle also doesn’t do you any favors, with the derisive snorts when you repeat outfits.

However, a DIY spark could set you down the path of creative reuse of sentimental objects. For example, turn a plain old vase into decoupage, to add a fresh dimension to your center table.

When In Doubt, Call An Interior Designer

If the stress of removing objects from your home proves too much, hand your things over to a home interior designer and see how you fare for a few weeks. Once you see that you didn’t really need that old wall clock as much as you thought, it will be easier to let go of it.

With a minimalist lifestyle, you start to see the beauty in the small, inconspicuous things. And you might just find yourself with more time for your friends, family and most importantly, yourself.