Make waves with your home décor this Navaratri season

One of the most anticipated Indian festivals is here! Spanning 9 nights, Navaratri puts everyone on high gear. From being the perfect hosts to having a unique decor element that the guests’ eye pop in wonder, there’s always some friendly competition brewing. Creativity goes on a radical high this time of the year, in search of that wow factor. While everyone else is cramming their heads, read on to know what you can do to get your ‘aha’ moment from your guests.

Target The Wall

There is a wide array of options when it comes to decorating the wall. Even though wallpapers are usually the go-to option, using a wall mural can elevate the appearance of your home. If you would like to keep it simple, you can use a decal instead.
Painting your wall with festive colours like red, yellow, or orange can be tempting, but widening options to blue, indigo, purple, and emerald green will definitely be worth it. If you want more than a simple paint job, consider textured walls. If you prefer to keep things light, then stencils are your answer.
Pro-tip: If you are looking for something quick and quirky, opt-in for wall murals or wall decals. With the variety available these days, they make a simple but effective difference on your wall.

Target The Space

Festivals are a test of the limited asset at your disposal, space. Apart from having to accommodate a Golu or a makeshift altar, you also need to make space for your guests, without it looking messy or cramped.
Room partitions can be used to demarcate space, and also double up as a festive display to further the artistic feel of the room. Not only do they enable privacy, but also prove to be useful when entertaining multiple guests, or when setting up a makeshift stage for a dance or music performance.
Carpets are a big no-no, especially during festivals. When there is so much happening through the day, you don’t want to be stuck with cleaning spilt items off the carpet.
Pro-tip: Use mirrors strategically to gets the serial lights to move around creatively.

Target The Festive Décor

If you want to step it up with minimal effort, it doesn’t get simpler than a bowl of fresh flowers. Electric/LED diyas and Indian earthen lamps will definitely elevate the mood of your space, making it warm and inviting.
There are some elements that provide a festive feel, irrespective of where and how they are used – serial/fairy lights, colourful sofa cushions, ethnic figurines, rangolis/traditional kolams, etc. These capture the essence of Indian festivals, and can immediately transform your home into a creative divine abode.
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