Make the best of your walk-in closet

Having a big and spacious walk-in closet is every homeowner’s dream! Here are a few rules to follow to optimize your walk-in closet storage and make the best of your space.


Store them right – If you thought the 80-20 Pareto Principle had nothing to do with your wardrobe, think again! It is estimated that we use 20 percent of our clothes, 80 percent of the time. To create the most efficient wardrobe design, the items you access regularly should be within arms reach while the lesser used items can be stowed away in the corners of your closet. Make your wardrobe aesthetically appealing by hanging items of the similar kind (pants, shirts, etc) together and if you want to go the extra mile, colour code them.

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The right amount of double and single-hung sections – It is time to take stock of your wardrobe. Do you have more pants and shirts or suits and evening gowns? This will help determine your wardrobe space. If you have a lot of formals, you will need all the single-hang space you can get but your everyday wear can be stored on double-hangs. An inventory of your clothes will help you determine how you can maximize your space.

Consider an island – If you have a lot of accessories and little knick-knacks and you are not sure how to store them – consider an island. This is a great way to have your essentials like cufflinks, bags, belts, socks and more within easy access. Keep in mind that an island may cut down on your wardrobe space so get a consultation before installing one!

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Install corner shelves – Regardless of what you have been told, corner shelves are not your closet’s best friend. Not only are they expensive to install, it actually cuts down on your storage space rather than enhance it. Instead, install hanging shelves for extra storage!

Use angled shoe racks – While angled shoe racks look good in store windows, they are uncomfortable to have in your closet. Flat racks in your close can double up as your shoe storage space instead. If you are looking to downsize your shoe collection, you can use the space to store other things like bags, belts and more.

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