Maintain your leather furniture, make it timeless

Traditional or contemporary, whatever style you wish to emulate, adding a leather furniture to your home will give your space the luxurious twist that it needs. It is what you need to make your living room both classy and cozy. The durability is all the more reason to include a statement leather furniture to your collection.
Like a fine wine, leather blossoms with time. Here are some tips to help maintain your leather furniture..

Position Your Couch Away From Direct Sunlight, Air Conditioning, Or Radiators

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Direct and constant exposure to these elements can cause the moisture and oils in leather to evaporate slowly, ultimately leading to dryness and cracks. Also, the colour is likely to fade and might require frequent re-dyeing. Assess the layout of your room and position your furniture away from harm’s (r)ay.But, what if you have no other choice but to position your precious under these conditions? Here are some solutions that might help!.

Give It A Regular Turn

Rotating your furniture on a regular basis causes the fading to occur in stages, fostering an even, but beautiful discoloration. Turning seat cushions regularly also prevents indentations in particular spots (admit it, there’s a Dr. Sheldon Cooper in every house who never sits anywhere but on his spot!) and ensures even usage.

Tint Or Blind Your Windows

Tinting your windows reduces the amount of sunlight entering your home. If that’s too much of a commitment for you, then opt for window blinds that match the style of your interiors.

Let It Breathe

Yes, you read that right – your leather breaths. We understand that you’d want to protect your expensive furnishings with your life. But, wrapping it up with plastic will do no help. Plastic tarps suffocate your leather. Use a soft fabric throw instead.

Clean The Leather Furniture Regularly

Leather furniture is the easiest to clean as compared to other fabrics. Brush off dust with a clean and dry microfiber cloth, vacuum in crevices every couple of weeks and you are good to go! Make sure your vacuum has a soft brush attachment.

Blot Away!

Leather furniture and binge-watching sessions are a match made in heaven. You are likely to spill your favourite drink when a scary face pops on the screen!
For liquid spills, blot it quickly with a dry cloth. Do not wipe, as it will make the stain bigger. And then, wipe the stained spot with a cloth dampened in distilled water and leave it to dry naturally.
For oil-based spills like butter and body oil, blot it gently with a dry cloth. Do not use water to wipe stains. The stain will dissipate into the leather in no time! Remember, the mantra is to blot, and not wipe.

Say NO To Harsh Chemicals

If the stain persists, using a mild cleaner is your best bet. The gentler it is, the better the treatment! Apply a small amount to a damp cloth and work your lather in gentle circular motions. Do not rinse, but use a dry cloth to absorb any leftover moisture. Test the cleaner in an inconspicuous spot to make sure that there are no side effects, before using it on the stain.

Call In The Leather Doctors

If the stain still persists, it may be time to call in the professionals. They always know what they are doing, and can get rid of the toughest stains.
There, now that you know how to maintain leather your furniture, shop your heart out and give your space a timeless twist! If you need help finding the perfect leather furniture for your home, home interior decorators in Chennai are just a click away.