Living Coral Inspired Homes

Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Living Coral, is a reflection of the current socio-cultural trends and environmental concerns.It is picked from the life-affirming and mesmerizing colours found in nature. Hence Living Coral seeks to put the emphasis back on immersive, intimate experiences and connections at a time of global technological disruption. Its specks of shimmering gold atop peach-orange hues speak of bejewelled coral reefs in elusive ocean bottoms.
Therefore, here is how you can incorporate the vivid and vibrant colour to lighten up your home.

Paint ‘Em Walls

coral wall paint

Image Source: Pinterest

The coral wall paint adds warmth and light to this otherwise monotonous living space. Also it highlights and accentuates the wall fixtures and paintings.


If you don’t want to go through the trouble of painting your walls pink and beige, go subtle and choose coral themed rugs, throw pillows and cushions. Also complement by earthen tones, for a sophisticated look.

Coral Furniture Talk

Coral Furniture ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

This irreverently coral coloured sofa grabs our eyes and energizes the living room, while showing us it is meant for fun and intimate hangouts. Interior decorators in Chennai will be able to help you use this dynamic colour in just the right manner.

Get The Living Coral Door

coral colored door

Get bold and expressive by painting your front door orange-pink. Make a political statement that you stand for environmental conservation. The personal is political after all.

Cozy Up Your Bedroom

coral themed bedroom design

Image Source: Pinterest

With artfully layered sensuous shades of pink, beige, purple and brown, this bedroom succeeds in showing us what coral is all about – intimacy.

Make Your Kids’ Space Fun

coral themed kids bedroom

Image Source: Pinterest

The light coral and pastel hues of the wall designs, dresser and throw pillows create a mood that is both lively and peaceful. Also coral makes the room look spacious.

Go Retro In The Kitchen With Living Coral

Image Source: Pinterest

Compliment your coral kitchen cabinets or islands with copper and brass kitchen wares to stand out and shine like this one here.
Clearly, the possibilities are endless with this colour. It can be striking or subtle, fun or sensual, all at the same time. Let it inspire your modular kitchen in Chennai, bedroom, or even living room. Your home sure won’t go unnoticed!