Even though we are living in a digital era, nothing can beat the feeling of a good book in your hand. If you are a Bibliophile, why not have your own library at home? Home libraries don’t always need to be dark, dusty, and low lighting. You can create a library that is beautiful and functional!

Floor To Ceiling Library?


The floor to ceiling library is of simple elegance, especially if you are pressed for space. Pick a wall that could benefit from having a fully covered built-in bookshelf, and build your own! A major advantage of these type of shelves is that you don’t need a designated room, it can be built just about anywhere!

Arrange By Color


Step aside Dewey Decimal system, we believe in sorting our books by color! What began as a style trend for magazines and catalogs is now in our homes. Not only does this enhance the visual appeal of the room, you can make art out of an everyday item. To offset the vibrancy of a color-coordinated bookshelf, make sure to use white shelves to keep everything in the room balanced and bright.

Library With A Ladder


It’s no surprise that library ladders are used in libraries (duh), but that’s no reason to keep it out of your home library! It fits in naturally with a room that has high ceilings and certainly adds a fun element to the room. This is also a great way to get kids interested in the world of books.

Built In Seating


What better way to slip into the world of books than to have a cozy eating corner? If you are turning a wall in your room into a library, add a built-in reading nook. This will inspire you to sit back, pour a cup of coffee and the dive into the latest must-read.

Library And An Entertainment Corner

Image Source: Pinterest

While the jury is still out about mixing a library with an entertainment corner, we highly recommend it! Having a library and a television corner together can be a great look for your living room. This also makes the best use of your space.